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Sasquatch SCOTUS Podcast

Even without Thursday’s looming health-care reform ruling, the SCOTUS strutted its stuff this week. We dealt with forbidding life without parole for teens, Arizona’s immigrant laws, and dismissing Montana’s version of limiting Citizens-United style campaign spending.

All threads led to November. We discussed what it might mean for Republicans and Romney in particular trying to walk back anti-Latino/anti-immigrant screeds, whether Dems and Obama can rally those groups, women, young voters and more in the face of slow economic recovery and more. Listen i as we try to put current and pending Supreme Court rulings in a progressive context.

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MA Races Beyond US Senate Podcast

We weren’t even going to talk about the Brown/Warren US Senate race, but had to lead with it because of his asinine debate demands. We did tunnel down to the Tierney/Tisei US House contest and beyond to the other MA races.

Mike went to the weekend forum for the 3rd Middlesex Dem candidates for MA Senate. That had some fireworks and a promise of campaign excitement. We’ve had the five Dems on here and are likely to revisit a few of them in this gem of a race.

Ryan doesn’t share the hope that the commonwealth GOP will be able to consistently field candidates in at least half the statewide races. Listen in to his reasoning.

We kicked around the US House race between Tisei and Tierney as well.

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Netroots Nation Recap Podcast

The annual progressive convention Netroots Nation just finished — Providence this year. Ryan was there and spoke of what made the strongest impressions.

One session that struck Ryan was on marriage equality efforts at the ballot box. He disagreed with the Maine campaign using primarily straight allies in efforts to win back the right for same-sex marriage. The campaign should be using gay couples and families, he said and wrote.

It’s not the same as being there, close enough, to hit the video. Netroots has a remarkable page with clips of each session, here.

Meanwhile, listen in to today’s show to here Ryan speak of the decline in state and local blogs, which have been so influential in recent elections, and much more.

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Warren’s War Podcast

We held forth today on the inevitable manifested — Elizabeth Warren is the Dem nominee to run against GOP incumbent U.S. Sen. Scott Brown. That wasn’t decided until last weekend’s party convention, but this means a main bout with no undercard, a.k.a. primary.

To win, Warren has to kick aside the yipping dogs of both her opponent and the media, who are riveted on the made up genealogy non-issue. We spoke of how she needs to bring Brown’s votes and political games to the fore. Already voters want to know what the candidates are about and what they think.

We discuss what we see as her strengths and what she has to do. Let the debates begin.

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