Update to this update: We blew it and did not notice that our service had flipped PM to AM. The show ran with no one participating. This was not Joe’s issue at all. We’re rescheduling. This coming week, Joe Kearns Goodwin updates us on the 3rd Middlesex District race for the MA Senate. If you […]

In an exciting MA race for a rare vacant senate seat, candidate Mara Dolan joined us for a followup on this simmering campaign. Her original visit was here. Click below for today’s show. Since the last time, the five Dems headed for a Sept. 6th primary battle have met in public as well as campaigned […]

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How ’bout that Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. health reform or in the vernacular ObamaCare)? Our particularly savvy guest today was David Kravitz. He is a founder of the BlueMassGroup — as a disclaimer, Ryan, Lynne and Mike have all participated there for many years. Vocationally, he is an accomplished and knowledgeable attorney. Avocationally and coincidentally, […]

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Check us twice at 2:30 Eastern this week. We have a lawyerly, operatic analysis on the Affordable Care Act on Monday and Mara Dolan updating her run for 3rd Middlesex District of the MA Senate. Catch David Kravitz on Monday, July 16th, analyzing the recent SCOTUS ruling on health care. While this founder of the […]