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Behind the Elephant Parade

We’ll have the advantage of both time and the analysis of others on the RNC convention. Our next show will give our take on Tampa.

We shall have the advantage of time to kick this around on Left Ahead next week. You can join us live Tuesday, September 4th, at 2:30 PM Eastern here. Afterward, the show will there, at Left Ahead, or on our iTunes page.

Shovel ready…


O’Connor Ives Podcast

Three-term Newburyport Councilor Kathleen O’Connor Ives joined us to talk about her run for the open MA Senate seat in 1st Essex. She acknowledged it’s a tough field. She wants to beat out two other Democrats in next week’s primary. There are also two unenrolled and two Republicans after the spot.

As her website details, she has staked out specific proposals across a spectrum of issues from the environment to economic redevelopment to public safety to women’s rights to campaign-finance reform. She bristled only once with us, at the mention that one of her opponents likes to portray himself as the progressive in the race. She pointed out that her positions gives her as much right.

Listen in as she speaks to her policies and planks. We covered a wide range of topics, as well as her collaborative style by which she expects to pass legislation. She also differentiated herself from her fellow Dems in the race. For example, she said they stress their executive experience, which she says is not all that useful for a job that would entail understanding policy, parsing proposed legislation and researching. As an environmental lawyer, she thinks she has a leg up here.

Listen in as she presents herself as “not a Pollyanna.” Yet she is relentlessly hopeful and has a clear sense of direction.

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O’Connor Ives Wants 1st Essex MA Senate Upgrade

Next week, we’re headed North, up to the 1st Essex MA Senate district. A candidate for this open seat will talk strategy, what she thinks the constituents want, and how she expects to jump from Newburyport’s Town Council. Maybe we can get Kathleen (Katy) O’Connor Ives to compare and contrast the field.

This rare open Senate seat came open when Steven Baddour quit in March to join a big Boston law firm. Three Dems, two Republicans and two unenrolled have jumped in.

Candidate forums and similar public events are pretty diffuse and confusing. We’ll narrow in on O’Connor Ives for a personal picture. You can check her full background and platform at her campaign site. We’re surmising that the winner of the Dem primary on September 6th has a great shot at the office.

If you can catch us live, do that Tuesday, August 28th at 2:30 PM Eastern here. Afterward, her show will be available at that URL, back here at Left Ahead and on our iTunes page for listening in a player or downloading.


Brian Clinton Governor’s Council Podcast

People forget. Every two years in Massachusetts, they elect eight members of the Governor’s Council. That body has been in the constitution here from colonial days, as in 1629. Yet come election time, many voters are unsure what it’s about.

Today, candidate for an open seat on the body, Brian Clinton joined us to talk up himself and to explain the Council. It’s pretty important. Click below to listen in as he explains its roles, including ruling on qualifications of judges, JP, notaries and such, as well as deciding on pardons and commutations. They meet weekly and only get about $26K for their trouble.

Mike adds a disclaimer. Although they aren’t buddies, he and Clinton live in the same sub-neighborhood, Fairmount Hill of Hyde Park.

Clinton presently is chief of staff for very active Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo. He would continue that. Check his website for his numerous other activities and credentials. He’s also husband and a dad to two tots.

In addition to describing what he sees as his relevant strengths for the Council, he has ideas. He agreed with Ryan that the Council could use more transparency. That might include televising the hearings. Also as a notary public, he thinks the pro forma renewal of their offices is questionable. He’d like the Council to consider qualifications and for roles such as justices of the peace, making sure the JPs understand MA law, such as same-sex marriage and agree to abide by it.

Unless you’re already an expert on the Council, listen to Clinton’s show.

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Picking Paul Podcast

It’s not an assured victory for President Obama following Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as VP candidate, but it’s close. There are those unknown issues, such as the couple of billionaires and many millionaires who have pledged to spend whatever it takes in PAC and direct contributions to put the GOP in power.

Perhaps more important, Obama and his crew have to frame the monstrous Ryan budget proposals clearly. Then, they have to make sure the Dems, moderates and independents drag themselves to the polls on November 6th.

Listen in as our Ryan Adams and Mike speak to the Romney/Ryan horror show. Our Ryan has some comparisons and contrasts to Sarah Palin. Mike notes the foreign policy deficits and ignorance of both Romney and Ryan. This is not the time or state of the world for bumblers to try to learn on the job. Those gross shortcomings should reveal themselves in debates and campaign coverage.

Mike again went on about how this election more than any in memory will come to fantasy v. reality. The 40% or more of voters who need to believe in the abject failure trickle-down-economics that forms the core of Ryan’s income stream. Listen in as we scoff.

For this to work for Obama and the Dems, they have to make the effects of the Romney/Ryan proposals plain. Moreover, the media have to pay attention. PACs can suck it.

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Picking (Apart) Paul

We can’t always ignore the obvious. Tomorrow, August 14th, we’ll do the Paul Ryan VP pick. Mike has a rant about fantasy even before this selection. Our Ryan offers both specifics and overview.

If you can catch us live, go here at 2:30 PM Eastern 8/14. We’ll open up to callers; as the expression goes, dialRomney graft (718) 664-6966, then press 1 when you’re ready to chat.


Governor’s Council, Say What?

Brian Clinton wants to be on the MA Governor’s Council, a.k.a. the Executive Committee. He’ll explain why he’s trying so hard for one of eight of these spots that pay only $26,025 annually. He’ll speak about why he should be one of those who approve judges, and rule on pardons and commutation. This elected office predates statehood, starting in 1629. Listen and learn. We’re likely to get to the arguments for and against keeping the Council.

This pivotal role requires considerable campaigning…and explaining. Despite its centuries of functioning and history, a big part of the GC candidates is reminding or informing voters what’s up and why. One of the magic things behind the curtain is nominating judges. Here, it’s long been codified and this small group are the key players.

If you can catch this show live, join us Tuesday, August 21st at 2:30 PM Eastern here. Afterward, you can get it all back here at Left Ahead, at the BlogTalkRadio URL, or on our iTunes page.


Kearns Goodwin Update Show

A month from the primary that almost certainly will decide the 3rd Middlesex MA Senate race, five Dems are in the race for the open seat. Joe Kearns Goodwin joined us got an update.

We couldn’t get him to pick on fellow candidates, but he did get into his issues. In a contest to replace a respected progressive, Susan Fargo, who’s retiring, a big part of this race is differentiating yourself. Listen in as Kearns Goodwin describes his emphasis on specific areas of education as well as a drive for a graduated income tax. While he has combat experience in two wars and has detailed proposals in education, he still sees the big battle to be fought in the Joint Revenue Committee area. Hear him describe how refining the tax burdens, and as important, defining where additional moneys should go are the future.

Kearns Goodwin is a champion of training MA workers (maybe starting in kindergarten) to have the skills employers will need and many already have going unfilled. Click below to hear him describe the ways he thinks we need to match jobs with job seekers.

He also spoke about what he liked and saw lacking in the recent agenda of the General Court.

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