We’ll have the advantage of both time and the analysis of others on the RNC convention. Our next show will give our take on Tampa. We shall have the advantage of time to kick this around on Left Ahead next week. You can join us live Tuesday, September 4th, at 2:30 PM Eastern here. Afterward, […]

Three-term Newburyport Councilor Kathleen O’Connor Ives joined us to talk about her run for the open MA Senate seat in 1st Essex. She acknowledged it’s a tough field. She wants to beat out two other Democrats in next week’s primary. There are also two unenrolled and two Republicans after the spot. As her website details, […]

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Next week, we’re headed North, up to the 1st Essex MA Senate district. A candidate for this open seat will talk strategy, what she thinks the constituents want, and how she expects to jump from Newburyport’s Town Council. Maybe we can get Kathleen (Katy) O’Connor Ives to compare and contrast the field. This rare open […]

People forget. Every two years in Massachusetts, they elect eight members of the Governor’s Council. That body has been in the constitution here from colonial days, as in 1629. Yet come election time, many voters are unsure what it’s about. Today, candidate for an open seat on the body, Brian Clinton joined us to talk […]

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It’s not an assured victory for President Obama following Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as VP candidate, but it’s close. There are those unknown issues, such as the couple of billionaires and many millionaires who have pledged to spend whatever it takes in PAC and direct contributions to put the GOP in power. Perhaps more […]

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We can’t always ignore the obvious. Tomorrow, August 14th, we’ll do the Paul Ryan VP pick. Mike has a rant about fantasy even before this selection. Our Ryan offers both specifics and overview. If you can catch us live, go here at 2:30 PM Eastern 8/14. We’ll open up to callers; as the expression goes, […]

Brian Clinton wants to be on the MA Governor’s Council, a.k.a. the Executive Committee. He’ll explain why he’s trying so hard for one of eight of these spots that pay only $26,025 annually. He’ll speak about why he should be one of those who approve judges, and rule on pardons and commutation. This elected office […]

A month from the primary that almost certainly will decide the 3rd Middlesex MA Senate race, five Dems are in the race for the open seat. Joe Kearns Goodwin joined us got an update. We couldn’t get him to pick on fellow candidates, but he did get into his issues. In a contest to replace […]

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