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What Is It About Drivers v. Cyclists?

Want conflict? Just mention urban cyclists! Liveable Street’s blogger Steve Miller joins us to talk safety, the likelihood of jolly coexistence and more. He works for the Harvard School of Public Health and is known in transit as the founder of Hub on Wheels as well as on Boston and Cambridge’s bike advisory boards.

Fair warning: Mike is a cyclist, who often walks and occasional drives, but a cyclist first.

Miller has considerable knowledge in this area. He’ll talk about the turmoil and outlook.

If you can catch the show live, do it Tuesday, October 2nd at 2:30 PM here. Afterward, you can listen to or download the whole show back here, at the show URL or on our iTunes page.


Warren/Brown: Bout 1 Podcast

We talked today about the first debate between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren last week. It was a real confrontation between the incumbent Senator and the challenger. We’re certain to see and hear more nastiness from Brown in the next three debates. Monday will be bout 2 at UMASS/Lowell.

Listen in as we recap the highlights and shameful depths of the hour. The aftereffects continue and will certainly reappear next week. They are already in negative ads and the behavior of Brown supporters. We hit on both sides’ strong and weak points.

We didn’t shy away from the few Warren stumbles. Brown really hurt himself though with shallow, personal, racist attacks. At the least, he put a lie to his myth of being the nice guy in the Senate.

We chat it up and down and around.

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Scott Brown’s Record Podcast

The four tent poles holding up Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign are all shaky, said today’s guest. ProgressMass‘ communications director, Mathew Helman, contrasted Brown’s rhetoric and his voting record.

We didn’t get to go point by point, but those are available online. ProgressMass has a sub-site for the topic, including a compact PDF file detailing specifics in nine key areas. They’ll also be live tweeting (@ProgressMass) Thursday’s first debate between Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Click below to listen in to Helman talking about those tent poles:

  • Independent voice in the Senate
  • Bipartisan
  • Jobs crusader
  • Regular guy

He describes how Brown is charming and charismatic. Yet you never get the whole truth from Brown. Helman gave us examples in each area.

Helman also addressed how Brown has been able to get away without being challenged on his voting record so far. This includes even staging public appearances who he won’t be in positions to have to explain — think parades, charity events and drop-ins at diners.

Now come four debates. Helman doubts Brown can charm his way through those. He figures those plus millions in campaign ads from both sides and the on-the-ground GOTV efforts will determine the race.

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Helman on Brown’s Reality Gap

On the edge of the four debates between Sen. Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren, what he stands for and votes for are very big deals. Mathew Helman, communications director of ProgressMass, breaks down where Republican Brown’s rhetoric diverges from his real record in the U.S. Senate. Hear what Brown is not telling the people of Massachusetts

If you can catch him live, go here Tuesday, September 18th at 4 PM Eastern. (Note this is our regular day but a later start time.)

Afterward, you can hear or download the show at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes page.


Donkey Time Podcast

We intended to chat up the DNC convention today. Of course, in context, that meant contrasting the Republican one with it, looking at both the content and power of both, and extrapolating the November results.

Every optimistic, Ryan was buoyed. Ever the worrywart, Mike was cautious. However, both agreed that the Obama team won. Romney/(the other) Ryan’s chances to come on strong continue to diminish.

Listen in as we talk about the increased likelihood of a continuation by the POTUS and why.

We also weighed Citizens United’s effects on this election, how the GOP and its millionaire minions may fine-tune their abuse of democracy, and the paths to ridding the process of the shouting corporate/billionaire speech.

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Leisurely DNC Analysis

As threatened last week, we’ll kick around the Dem convention this time. We’ve had the weekend plus to consider.

If you can join us live do so on September 11th, Tuesday, at 2:30 PM Eastern here. The show will be available afterward at that URL, back here at Left Ahead and on our iTunes page.


Elephant Leavings Podcast

Ryan and Mike has a good time recapping the GOP doings in Tampa. Rather, the non-doings, as it was all too plain that the Republicans abjectly failed to provide any reason to vote for Romney/Ryan instead of against Obama/Biden. The speakers, including the candidates, gave no details, not specifics, no proposals and no plans to better the country and its economy.

Moreover, even the Missus could not humanize the not-very-human Mitt. We look forward to the contrast with this week’s Dem speakers who are certain to offer a real path and speak without the lies and pretense we heard this past week.

Ryan suggests that the Dems should take the weak attack the Tampa folk left with, the question that worked in another election, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago.” Unfortunately for the Republicans, the vast majority of Americans can only say yes. They’d like more, faster, but yes.

Alas for the elephant herd, the fringe GOP platform suddenly is obvious and real. In lieu of any plans and proposals, voters can only look to the stated objectives of the party. They would scare all but the most extreme.

Teeing off of one of Mike’s friend’s view, they discussed what happens if Romney loses. Ryan backed the friend in predicting an even worse purge of moderates. Mike figures it would immediately lead to another soul (if you pardon that word here) searching by the party.

Listen in as we talk about what was and was not in the week that kind of was.

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