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Marriage Mirage Podcast

What to my wondering eyes should appear but a Supreme Court taking up marriage equality…in two, count ’em, two cases, this spring.

We get around to discussing the two cases before SCOTUS, like to be argued in March and decided in June. Mike in particular had figured they’d duck the issue until public opinion was even more solidly behind equal rights for same-sex couple.

We talked about the big distinctions between the two cases (Hollingsworth v. Perry and (U.S. v. Windsor). On paper, the former could extend SSM rights nationwide, but likely won’t yet. The latter almost has to hollow out the Defense of Marriage Act.

Listen in as we get to the Supremes’ biases and likely rulings here. It’s a heartening but not purely gleeful time for equality minded sorts.

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Bloody Murder Podcast

Of course, like the rest of the nation and world, Ryan and Mike were disturbed, saddened and angered by this week’s murder of 20 first graders and seven adults, and even the suicide of the shooter. We’re in the this-is-exactly-the-time-to-talk-solutions camp.

We don’t see gun laws and regs as THE solution, but certainly as a necessary set of steps. Mike stressed the deep, long needs to consciously shift our violence and gun culture, as we are doing with racism and xenophobia. He looks to a very possible nation where fists, knives and guns are not the resort for tough times and thoughts. In that vein, Ryan also discussed his personal experiences and the need for mental health work — from more facilities to regular checkups and more.

We want quick, strong action, even if the President is low on the leadership lever. We differed on the power of the NRA and other gun lobbyists. Mike leans that they are toothless, but Ryan discusses their power in Republican primaries, that is, picking the candidates who will run for office.

We spoke to how mass murders here have become common. Moreover, there are roughly 30 gun deaths a day, most of them young black and Latino men. We dealt with the gun absolutists and their illogical arguments for not banning assault weapons and mega-magazines again. This is the time to stop that silliness and stop pretending that banning weapons whose only use is mass murder.

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Malia Re-Schedule

Our podcast service badly misbehaved today. We could not get Rep. Liz Malia’s call to connect. She hung in their patiently while Mike worked at the console to no avail.

She’d done really important work that you need to know about. If she’s game, we’ll re-schedule.


Rep. Liz Malia Dec. 11th

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 11, at 2:30 PM Eastern when MA Rep. Liz Malia is the guest. She is co-chair of the Joint Substance Abuse and Mental Health Committee. We’ll talk her recent big bill on prescription and other drug abuse. She also advocates for mental health parity.

If you can listen in live, go here then. Afterward to can hear the show or download it at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes page.


MA Without the Usual Suspects Podcast

Mild apology up front, as our service cut off the podcast just at 30 minutes with no grace. We were still holding forth, but there’s some beef in the bun. Ryan and Mike looked to the strong possibility that Boston mayor may not run and the term-limit certainty that the governor can’t.

We never got to speculating about a possible special election for US Senate if John Kerry gets sucked into an Obama cabinet post.

We had plenty to consider and pontificate about with possible replacements for Mayor Tom Menino and Gov. Deval Patrick. Ryan’s hoping for a Boston dark horse, but Mike figures on a city councilor. They name names. Likewise for governor, we went through some prime suspects and wild cards.

Listen in as we play what-if and who.

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2013-14 What Ifs

We’ll speculate tomorrow. Boston’s mayor might well not run again. MA’s governor can’t by term limits. We’ll muse on those and maybe throw in some punditry on the US Senate seat here.

Join us if you can Tuesday, December 4th at 2:30 Eastern for Without the Usual Suspects. You can always catch the show later at that URL or back here.