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The New John Kerry Podcast

John KerryWe’d figured on double speculation — interim appointment to very recently ex-Sen. John Kerry and the winner of the special election for his last two years. Our Gov. Deval Patrick beat us out by naming the interim (William “Mo” Cowan) a few hours before the show.

We stuck to who’s likely to run on Dem and GOP sides, who’s likely to win, and what’s the route to victory.

Listen in as we talk Ed Markey, Steve Lynch on Dems and Scott Brown on Republicans. There’s nothing subtle about our judgments, now should there be. All three of those and a few others we gloss over have shown their hands, hearts and votes repeatedly. We do figure Markey has a real leap ahead on his side, but he seriously needs first, to transform himself from the august dean of the state’s delegation in Congress into a statewide figure (hell, Scott Brown had to do much more as a do-nothing state legislator), and second, get the political bigs to campaign actively him. Endorsements won’t do squat here.

We discuss the silly, pre-announcement poll that may induce the ego-driven Brown to figure he’d win. We advise him against that. Listen in for our take on this race.

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Merry Kerry Flurry

An annual U.S. Senator election seems to be our thing in MA. We’re about to do it yet again. John Kerry looms as Secretary of State, opening up an interim appointment, followed by a bruising battle to fill the rest of his term (through 2015).

We’ll join the speculatiion on who’s in or will be for those two versions of the seat. If you can do it live (and, hey, call in at 781-664-6966), we on one day latter than usual. Click in on Wednesday, January 30th at 2:30 PM Eastern here.

Afterward, our speculation will be available there, back here at Left Ahead and on our iTunes page.


Gun Decisions Podcast

A day before President Obama reveals the gun-violence-reduction proposals from VP Biden’s panel, we surmised. Atypically, Mike was more optimistic than Ryan, specifically in thinking that an assault-weapon ban was possible. Ryan noted that the House Republicans could block anything they wanted to and that they would here.

We talked about gun registration and tracking and what would begin to make a difference right away and long term. We differed on whether the Prez had learned his lessons from trying to be reasonable with the House GOP.

After the gun talk, we spent the last five minutes on Ed Markey and the spring race to replace John Kerry as he moves from Senate to State. We want to see a strong Dem primary.

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Prez Fired Up Podcast

Our President found himself and fertilized his courage. We chat up some of the evidence, most recently two of his three cabinet picks are gutsy — Hagel for Defense and Brennan for CIA, if not Kerry State. He is, in campaign lingo, fired up and ready to go.

We talk about what this might foretell for the budget battles of the next three months, as well as the nominations themselves.

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Fiscal Deal Podcast

Mostly pleased but also disappointed at this week’s (thank God, at last) fiscal deal. Yeah, yeah, we know all the pending fights — debt ceiling, demands for services cuts, sequestration, and more — in the next three months. Yet just before the Prez starts his second term, he’s showing the skill, guts, and leadership he was hesitant to display.

Listen in as we talk about what Eric Ivan Cantor (second to House Speaker John Andrew Boehner [why am I including middle names?]) had in mind trying to screw up the final negotiations and vote. Ryan in particular casts a jaundiced eye on Cantor’s deeds and thoughts.

We explain why this deal works, but only if President Obama holds the attitude and positions he did during the negotiations. That would include no debt ceiling ransom, using his leverage and support of the vast majority of voters, and holding firm on entitlement protection. Let the deficit reduction come from where programs actually add to our debt! Let the President be the policy maker and leader in the vacuum left by a reactionary House.

This agreement could and show be the new reality. Tea partiers and other House wingers had to blink and gulp and gasp. Americans are not happy with the path Congress sets, and our revitalized sheriff Obama finally looks in charge.

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