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Rolling with Bikes in Boston

nicolef1.jpgThe city is fortunate that head of bicycle programs, Nicole Freedman, returned to continue her work. We’re likewise fortunate that she joins us next week.

She’s been on before, but it’s been awhile and much has changed…for the better. She’ll update us on bike lanes, pending cycle tracks, the HubWay bike-sharing program and more. With everything suddenly seen through the lens of the mayor not running for reelection, we’ll press her for her best surmise on how that might affect her programs (and even before the candidates to replace him are set).

Join us live if you can. It’s the usual day but a little later. Next Tuesday, April 2nd at 4 PM Eastern, you can hear the show as it happens here.

Afterward, you can listen to or download her show at that URL, back here at Left Ahead or on our iTunes page.


SCOTUS and Prop 8 Podcast

We did a double today — speculation on the SCOTUS ruling (not due for three months) on the Prop 8 (Hollingsworth) oral arguments, followed by less unsure conjecture on Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

For those who have to see for themselves, the SCOTUS made the 82 pages of arguments from this morning available as a PDF doc here. We heard various pundits and reporters do their own extrapolation and plain guessing. The consensus is that Prop 8 will die, likely by leaving lower court rulings standing, but the bold strokes of demanding equal protection won’t occur now.

That would mean CA would resume allowing same-sex marriage, bringing the national total to about 30% with marriage equality available. The struggles would continue, even with this substantial victory.

Yet the SCOTUS has surprised us as often as not, as with its upholding of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare).

For Boston’s mayor, we cited some of his sweeping proposals last week. He sure sounds ready to run for a sixth four-year term. He’d try to mute challenger John Connolly’s calls for reform and big advances, including for schools. We can just hear Menino saying he needs another term to do this and that and the other biggy.

Click below to hear our two areas of speculation.

Then return here for announcements of pending guests, including Boston’s bike czar Nicole Freedman as well as MassEquality head Kara Suffredini.

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Some Good, Some Nasty Podcast

We careered from one issue to the next to another today in a recap of trends and events. For the promised links:

  • ABC and WaPo released a large poll revealing the solid majorities across demographics in support of same-sex marriage
  • The Republican National Committee claimed to detail what they learned from losing the last election (and 5 of Presidentials) in a 100-page report

Ryan and Mike discussed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s kick-ass start, and how much those who opposed her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau must be regretting denying her the job. We went into the trends on marriage equality support and protected whether or not the SCOTUS strikes down Prop 8. Ryan teed off on CPAC and Mike on that RNC report. Disdain dripped.

Listen in to hear us on a motley bag of politics.

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GOP Stumbling Toward Senate Podcast

Let’s coin Latin. Instead of requiescat in pace, make that requiescat in auris — Rest among gold coins. Our do little, short timer US Senator Scott Brown finished goofing up his political future.

We also examined the moderately crowded race for John Kerry’s vacant seat. Three ho-hum and differently flawed Republicans go into their primary. Two Dem — only a little leftish and the other progressive — throw words and begrudging grins at each other.

We also recommend Lawrence O’Donnell’s I-told-you-so on Brown.

icon for podpress  Brown Goes for Gold Coins [33:45m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


Connolly All In for Boston Mayor Podcast

You can’t say, “No more Mr. Nice Guy,” about John Connolly. The popular at-large Boston City Councilor will always be pleasant and he promised us he’d run an upbeat campaign for Mayor this year. He has a flexible campaign, accounting for Mayor Tom Menino running for a sixth term or facing other Councilors and outsiders if Menino retires.

Either way, he pledges to bring no-nonsense transformation to the schools and beyond.

Click below to listen in as he describes his mayoral goals, starting with schools. Connolly has run the Council’s education committee for years in his three terms on Council. He’s noted for getting expired food off cafeteria menus as well as going nose to nose with the School Superintendent, Mayor, and teachers’ union as he felt necessary. He spoke to us of how the city has gone with the status quo, “tweaking around the edges” for slow reform rather than transformation. He described to us what he’d do differently.

He dove into the thorny elected/appointed/hybrid school committee and how smart, experienced members become “functional rubber stamps’ on joining. He also specified the key differences between the Superintendent’s approach and his.

He spoke of his approach to reducing crime. Also, he admitted that schools alone won’t win this election

He concluded with another key piece of his campaign — a program to retain and develop recent grads and young professionals. He’d have policies for affordable housing for them, anchor companies to keep them employed and innovative (instead of fleeing South or West), and citywide innovation districts. The also noted that young professionals, particularly those of color, need more fun and more welcoming activities and environment.

We crammed a lot in a half hour. We expect to have him on again, as well as other candidates. Don’t miss this introduction.

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