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Gomez Flails in Senate Race

Gomez-phantYet another Republican candidate for US Senate from MA, Gabriel Gomez is and isn’t in the Scott Brown mold. Both he and Brown are not really suited for the job, but both are OK looking and aw-shucks charming. Gomez doesn’t have any elected-office experience and Brown at least was a do-nothing state rep and state senator.

Gomez had upset promise as well. His background as Navy pilot, then SEAL, provided some glamour. His background in financial services at least implied he knew how to get rich, even if that has no relevance to the Senate.

Yet, he has thoroughly undermined himself in word and deed. Listen in as we discuss his campaign and make our surmises on how he came to be some self-destructive.

We agreed this was a winnable GOP run. Click below to hear why and how we think Gabariel blew it — the election, not a trumpet.

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Connolly Means to Fix Boston Schools

John Connolly.He says he can fix the Boston schools. The first major candidate in the race, even before Mayor Tom Menino decided not to run again, John Connolly joins us.

He has a full platform, but the big, gutsy plank is promising to put a high-quality school in every single neighborhood. That’s never been done and many have claimed it’s impossible.

To hear Connolly’s grand vision and finer details, join us live Tuesday, June 4th at 2:30 PM Eastern here If you can’t catch the show live, you can hear or download it at that URL, back here or on our iTunes page.

This is now a very crowded field and Connolly is attracting lots of endorsements and donations. We’ll ask how risky it is to tie his campaign to a huge complex issue. You can also do a little prep work by checking out his site and by going to the Left Ahead archives for his previous appearances here.


1 Fake, 1 Real Scandal Podcast

Today we joined the country in stomping, spewing and demanding some action. Sure, the wheezing attempt at making the Benghazi murders and attacks into a conspiracy is crap. Now though, wingers have some substance to their hysterics.

We dealt with the IRS focus on Tea Party-type groups seeking tax protection and on the DOJ collecting months of AP reporters and editor phone numbers. We’ll agree that independent study must occur on each, and likely that people up and down…perhaps as high as the AG of the US must go.

Listen in as we give our take on what are real scandals for once.

Unfortunately for the plug uglies, our President did not order or oversee these messes. He is, regardless of the crazy talk, no Nixon.

He still has to act within his authority, do that quickly, and make sure all the details on both of these come out quickly and fully.

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First Look at Boston Mayor’s Race

Menino shakes handsWith over two dozen announced and filed candidates to replace retiring Boston Mayor Tom Menino, we’re as busy as most.

We’ll start picking those to have on this show. Check here for updates and scheduled guests. We have no intention of trying to get everyone who’s pulled nomination papers lined up.

Today we touched on some of those we figure would:

  1. Get the 3,000 sigs to be on the ballot
  2. Raise a million bucks or so to be in contention
  3. Strike a cord with voters and volunteers to be a force in the Sept. preliminary
  4. Have a decent shot at being on the two to go into the Nov. final

Listen in to hear our very early calls. Those include those we (or at least Mike) figure are in weak positions.

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MA Special Election for US Senate

MarkeyOK, politics fans, it’s long-time US Rep. Ed Markey for the Dems against venture-capitalist Gabriel Gomez for the GOP. They won the MA special-election primary to replace US Sen. John Kerry.

We did drift into the First Suffolk MA Senate (squeaker win by Linda Dorcena Forry over Nick Collins). Unlike the Markey/Gomez contest, she should waltz to the seat by virtue of being the Dem in the race.

Ryan is dutifully fearful of the unknown Gomez, who has no political record. Listen in as he speaks of what Markey has to do to pull this off, starting with running like he’s five points behind.

We wound up in the last minutes discussing the just-starting Boston Mayor’s race — a highly crowded, jostling herd. In fact, we decided to discuss this for next week’s show. We’ll be back at our usual 2:30 PM on our usual Tuesday.

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