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Globe Paywall Decision Podcast

In a personal show, I discuss what lead to stopping delivery of the local paper…after 30 years. Boston Globe owners are right in there with cable providers in jacking up prices and seeing how much subscribers will tolerate.

They passed my chokepoint at last. That was hard to do, getting a former reporter and lifelong newspaper reader to drop them.

For a bit of background, we had a paywall show in 2009, with newspaper publisher Martin Langeveld, available here.

The economics of cash-rich, low-inventory newspapers are unlike most businesses. They also need customers to justify their real source of income, advertising. Driving customers away by attempting to profiteer off them, treating them as a profit center, seems foolish, but is the new norm.

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Boston Councilor Josh Zakim Next Week

n activist from a family of activists, first-term Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim jumped right in. He chairs the Committee on Human Rights and Civil Rights. That alone lets him put fingers in many pies. He’s on immigration, housing, policing and much more.

He joins us to talk about his goals large and small, To hit hot buttons like the 2024 Olympics and casinos, and, of course, the pending Council-wide re-election campaign.

Join us at the usual day, but an hour later at 3:30PM Eastern. To listen live then, click this URL. Afterward, you can go there to download or listen to his show, return here to do the same, or go to our iTunes page.


Morphing Boston Council Podcast

The high drama and low comedy of Boston politics surely plays out most publicly with its mayors. Yet since 1909, much of the real action and strongest personalities have been in the City Council. That’s when Boston revised from a board of aldermen and common council. They are the legislative body, who go far beyond their main duty of voting up or down the annual city budget.

With no staggered terms, the 9 district councilors and 4 at-large ones run every two years. In theory, citizens could throw the bums out two years.

In my decades here, I have seen, heard and dealt with various iterations of the Council. I have met and even confronted some real lulus and loons. Those alter kakers are gone and in recent years egos have been in check and responsibility much higher.

We’ve recently lost some of the most active, smartest and overall best councilors. Some stepped down to run for mayor. Some burned out. At least one left for more money.

In this election year, I’ll set up future shows with incumbents and the few challengers. I’ll talk about the shifts and possibilities.

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