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DC Revenge Cycle Podcast

Yes, yes, it’s been a long time since POTUS 38, Richard Nixon, was driven from office in 1974. A long time in DC is not a long time. We live the legacy and it will recur.

The absurd obstructionism of the current Congress is just one manifestation of Republicans trying desperately, pathetically to get back at Dems for Tricky Dick. Another and equally obvious bit of revenge was the impeachment of POTUS 42, Bill Clinton. Sure, he accepted fellatio from a 20-something intern and then lied about it, but it was about Nixon’s disgrace. If the GOP in Congress can’t drive the Prez from office, at least they can taint him. Puerile…

We see it now in the obstructionist GOP-controlled Congress, pledging by leadership first to make POTUS 44 Barack Obama a one-term leader (failed, little boys) and then to prevent any major legislation (failed even worse, tykes).

We’d like to think that the next time Dems take control of Congress that they’d be smarter and more mature about it all.Don’t count on that. Revenge politics is a redundant phrase in DC.

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2016 Prez Candidate Motivations

What exactly hkas inspired 1 truckload of Republicans and a shovelful of Dems to run for the Presidency? I hold forth.

The 17 announced GOP candidates and less than a third that of Dems have different mindsets. I see the Republicans as Captain Kirks to the Democrats’ Spocks. It seems each GOP announced one believes he or she is as good as anyone else in the field. Hence, he or she has a good shot at the nomination and hence the Presidency. Emotion-based madness, says I

Far more circumspect, more analytical Dems waited like predators for a weakness in the herd. Hillary Clinton has stumbled with criticisms of email server and such. When she seemed vulnerable, a few others came sniffling about, hoping to appear stronger.

The tow parties’ candidates have very different mindsets.

I rant on. The first message is to forget the mass media cliché of the Republican Clown Car. The horde of GOP candidates are all sitting ton the single right branch of the tree and may all tumble together under the weight. Certainly the survivor will have to dance a humiliating and irrational shuffle to get back to electable positions. Think about why they each think they are worthy.

At least Clinton has responded to the spoken and implied policies of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. We pinkos have to wonder if nominated and elected whether she’d override her hawkish and not-so-progressive nature.

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