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Winnowing Both Parties for 2016

Finally, it’s showtime. The pretenders will dribble off in the background. The loud. colorful summer gives way.

The inevitable (Clinton/Bush) were not. The highly improbable (Trump and most GOP candidates) are simply taking longer than we predicted for the inevitable flame-outs. Who’s left.

I raved today about the effects of the pending Joe Biden announcement. That promises a much more interesting and meaningful political fall that I could have hoped. I consider Sanders/Biden/Clinton in combat.

The pathetic Republicans and floundering, so many gasping fish on the boat deck. I doom Trump, Fiorina and others, keeping a JEB door open.

Listen in for my take.

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Boston’s McCarthy Looking to Settle in

Tim McCarthyFirst-term Boston City Councilor Tim McCarthy looks to consolidate and reinforce his District 5 election. He faces a challenge from the same camp as two years ago.

Schedule Change:
He’ll talk with me Thursday, Oct. 15th at 3:00 PM Eastern on his prospects, accomplishments and ambitions. If you can catch it live, click here at showtime. Otherwise, hear or download his show on demand at that URL, back here or on our iTunes page.

McCarthy has made a career of delivering constituent services in several positions in Boston. He’s carried that over to this District office as well. We’ll talk about what he sees as his accomplishments…as well as his goals. You can prepare by hitting his campaign site.


Zero-Fare Mass Transit Podcast

Fairmount LineI’m not the first to propose fare-free mass transit. I’ve done it before, shall do it again, and won’t be the last. Yet, the proposal and concepts behind it continue to astound those who accept the current unnatural order of things transportation.

The shock to many is shifting from the it’s-only-common-sense idea that sure, a bus, commuter rail or subway has to charge for a ticket. Otherwise, who’ll pay for the expenses. Well, the commonsense thingummy almost always means, “I have nothing. I’ll just deal in cliché and stereotype.”

After our last terrible winter when the mass transit in Boston (the T as we call it, for MBTA) failed us countless times. The newish Gov. Charlie Baker set a task force to defining how to fix it. Not surprisingly, they wanted to do the same things, just cheaper and more efficiently. They never asked what we expect from mass transit.

I talk a bit in a short show (19 minutes) on why we should have zero-fare transit. There are many advantages in clearing road congestion, minimizing pollution, noise and wrecks, all by shifting the governmental (you taxes) expenditures from conductors, ticket vendors and such to the fares. I’d bet that be done for the same or less.

Then drivers who often disdain mass transit have to look at the huge subsidies they get in road building and maintenance, gas price supports and more. The are more heavily riding on our taxes than T riders would be. Let’s get real, boys and girls.

Many library as well as internet sources cover the topic. You can start with our 5-year-old Left Ahead chat with MA Gov. Mike Dukakis, here. Of course, Wikipedia as a multi-page recap of cities who are offering free transit, here. An excellent think piece on the subject by Henry Grabar appears in Salon, here.

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U.S. Gun Violence Podcast

I’m either exactly the wrong one to comment guns or just the right one. I don’t own any and have no desire to do so. I don’t hunt and am not paranoid.

Yet, citizens of the U.S. of A. love guns. Stats read that our 5% of the world’s population owns nearly 50% of the non-miltary guns. We’ve averaged a mass shooting (4 or more deaths at a time) A DAY this year. One of us dies every 16 minutes, w24 hours from gun violence. Consider too our rates of mass shootings are five times the next highest nation (the Phillippines).

As I am wont to ask my sons, what can we learn from this?

I run on about what needs to change, what’s not going to change, and how to affect change.

Think Links:

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