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We covered the Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina primaries, with emphasis on the GOP side. We spent a bit of time on Cape Code and wind turbines in general. We also looked with hope on the three big developments in Massachusetts education this month.

Ryan and Mike love the idea of Mitt Romney advancing by winning Michigan today. He’d be the easiest and most fun to beat, plus his continued campaigning would do the most to scatter Republican loyalties and votes. Ryan thinks Mitt is likely to edge McCain in Michigan. Mike has seen Romney’s lead go from 30% to even and agrees with the Andrew Ward news analysis in today’s Financial Times. The article describes Romney’s tenuous connection and amusingly lists the many family electoral failures. He concludes that “If Mr Romney does win today, it may have less to do with his family background than his record of turning round troubled companies, rescuing the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from financial crisis, and turning a $3bn deficit into a $700m surplus in Massachusetts.” We here know the latter item is not true, but they may not in Michigan.

Post of the Week

Mike sucked it up and turned to a winger blog for insight this week. PoliGazette had McCain’s Republican Enemies by Michael van der Galien. In turn, it referenced a Washington Post piece cataloging all the nasties in and out of Congress that John McCain has annoyed. While moderate Republicans (yes, they exist) and some independents like McCain, the fundies and other extremists want him out of the race. He hasn’t kissed the rings of the right religious types, he supports legislation that doesn’t favor extremists’ pet projects and goals, and he has the nerve to ask for commonsensical laws like background checks for purchasers at gun shows. As McCain adviser John Weaver put it, “Here’s who John McCain has angered: self-described conservative lobbyists who basically represent special interests. They’re angry at him because he has put the national interest in front of their special interests.”

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