Chang-Diaz Loaded for 2nd Suffolk

grassrootsSonia Chang-Diaz joined us today and was unflappable across a range of soft and hard questions. She’s running against long-term State Senator Dianne Wilkerson, after narrowly losing to her as an unknown two years ago in a sticker campaign.

She grew up in a do-gooder family, with a social worker for a mom and an astronaut for a dad. Both parents set the example by volunteering in the community. She continues the pattern.

Today was also the launch of her enhanced campaign website. She is even more of a progressive than the left-leaning incumbent. She knows a pivotal question is whether voters will be willing to trade in one liberal for a better, fresher one.

This one, a former Lynn and Boston public school teacher, has a high interest in education funding. See her site’s issues pages for details on health are, violence, housing and others.  As she travels the district and knocks on doors, she’ll be adding more detail to her issues.

She told us that she’s surprised at the effort campaigning was two years ago, even causing her to lose her voice several times. She’s been helped by family. Her mother pounds the street and she expects her former-astronaut dad to do some campaigning.

She says that the integrity issue is still strong and she finds a lot of support, even among voters who normally don’t bother going to the polls as a result.

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