Senators Mix It Up Podcast

The three of us figure Obama will win, but can’t decide until the contest gets one-to-one by how much. We hope it’s a lot, with coattails that may give Democrats enough authority to reverse the terrible domestic, foreign and economic policies of the past eight years.

We were astonished at the beatification of TV news-ish guy Tim Russert. He was a good talking head, but not a honorable journalist, what with helping get us into Iraq with hist stilted coverage and guest choices. Perhaps his idealization will inspire young journalists to become what some are saying he really was.

On the big race, we concurred that McCain is pretty stupid, hypocritical and doomed. We figure this will overcome American’s hesitance to embrace change. We’re not sure whether a new Dem administration would be long-lasting. However, after drastic failures by the past three Republican ones, we have a better chance than ever.

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