Wilkerson, Plus the MBTA Panic

What if you gave a party and the guest of honor couldn’t make it? Surely, she’d want the other folk to party on.

We did that today after getting a call yesterday from Sen. Dianne Wilkerson’s chief of staff saying she had a conflict that prevented her from calling in at her chosen time. We had promoted the show, and Blog Talk Radio even put it on top of its front page. We went ahead presenting the  key issues.

We took her staff at their word and expect her aide who schedules her to pick another date and time. We’ll update the various blogs for any reprise.

To the show, we covered:

  • For the Second Suffolk senatorial district, this is a good choice to have — among two progressives. Many states don’t have any such options and we do here as well as in our 35th Middlesex House race, between Pat McCabe and Jim Caralis.
  • Wilkerson claims a long list of endorsements, from the governor to the president of the senate to Boston’s mayor to GLBT groups.
  • Challenger Sonia Chang-Díaz has clear policy positions and says you don’t need to choose between left-wing goals and ethics.
  • The incumbent says her recent plea bargain with the commonwealth attorney general “closes the book” on her personal, financial and legal troubles. This election may well come down to whether voters believe she’s put these many distractions in her wake.

bsbucks.jpgOtherwise, we riffed on the Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority (MBTA or T) and its latest overreaction or mis-reaction. MIT students were going to present a paper describing security flaws in the transit passes. Rather than embrace the knowledge and fix the problems, the short-term solution was the pummel the messengers, including getting a restraining order gagging the lads. This smells of the Mooninites.

It can be embarrassing to live where truth or toys cause panic.

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