LA Host Headed to FOX News! Well, Sorta

Hi, it’s your friendly podcaster Lynne of Left Ahead! and Left in Lowell, here to tell you all about stranger-danger—oh, that’s not what I have to talk about? I need to plug my “national debut”? OK then…

Our robust and august hosts at BlogTalkRadio are teaming up with FOX News Radio for a “Battle of the Blog Talkers” on FOX Across America hosted by Spencer Hughes and carried on and Sirius XM Radio. From October 6th through the 9th at 2-3pm, four liberal and four conservative BTR hosts will battle it out (with listener voting via web and text) for two slots each side on the Friday, Oct 10th show, and one winner from each “side” (liberal and conservative) from Friday’s show will get the chance to join Spencer in co-hosting a special FOX News Radio Election 2008 series live from 8 to 9 a.m. EDT the week of October 20th.

It turns out these people are weird (insane? silly?) enough to invite me to participate.

It so happens that I’m slotted for the Monday, October 6th show (2pm), up against fellow liberal blogtalker Julie Pippert of MOMocrats. Listeners will vote for whoever they think did the best that day, and the winner will move on to the Friday slot with three other winners from the right and left to the Friday show, from which winners of each side (by listener vote) will move on to the week of October 20th morning show.

It’s sort of Survivor meets talking heads. If you talk good enough, they might not vote you off the island. 🙂

On another note, we’ve been assured (repeatedly) that liberals will get a fair shake on the shows. The format calls for uninterrupted time for each contestant. 🙂

I know it’s sort of Crossfire-esque. On the other hand, it’s sort of like a mini debate club event, and just maybe a lot of fun. That is, if I can keep from talking a 100 miles a minute. 🙂 I hope I can count on your listening, and your vote (if you think I did the best anyway!) on Monday afternoon!

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