H8, National and Local SSM

To hear three excited and nattering lefties, catch the podcast on the post-Obama election, post-Prop. 8 future of marriage equality.

We launches from a discussion of a panel of anti-marriage equality types held yesterday at a lent room at Suffolk Law School downtown. Commentary on that is here and here.

There, five of the if not leading lights at least loudmouths opposing SSM and denying that it is even a civil-rights issue were at the table and holding forth. They used pretty predictable and unprovable arguments for their wanting to hamper and harm SS couples.  They were also pretty gleeful about the passage of Prop. 8 overturning SSM in California.

We talk about their positions and what we see coming up. Ryan was particularly strong in expecting the energy shown in recent protests against the vote to translate into positive changes. A lot of complacent lefties are angry, both at those who voted for Prop. 8 and the organizers who did not do enough to defeat it. It’s time for a new model for advancing GLBT and SSM rights and he figures this is a good catalyst.

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