3rd Suffolk: Candidate Higginson

Ryan HigginsonAdmitted different candidate Ryan Higginson joined us today. He comes not from elected office, rather appointed public service and diverse management positions. His background and policy proposals are on his website.

He also differs in his proposals and approach. He believes that civic engagement and community involvement are the only ways for this district to solve its major problems and advance. This includes green jobs, tax credits for volunteer work, grants and tax breaks for small,  and neighborhood-based businesses.

Higginson does not hesitate to point to and support current pending bills by a number of state Representatives. He believes there is a lot of good legislation in the pipe.

On one hot issue, he is not big on raising taxes, but he is a big supporter of public transportation. He supports Gov. Patrick’s proposed 19¢ hike in the gas tax.

Otherwise, he has a wide-ranging set of goals…many of which are mold breakers.

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