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We weren’t too surprised, but still somewhat disappointed, that no anti-same-sex marriage or anti-gay sorts joined today’s podcast. Our guest was GLBT and marriage-equality activist John Hosty-Grinnell. He was ready.

He contends that we progressive and lefty sorts has not called out the dishonest and dishonorable often enough or specifically enough. While doing so many not change their behavior, it is essential to making it clear to those they ask for support and funds that they are hearing and reading lies.

On such sites as Live, Love, and Learn and Know Thy Neighbor, John has put out offers to the anti crowd. He fundamentally wants them to be candid about on what terms they could live with GLBT citizens and others. Then, if they oppose marriage equality or other progressive aims, they need to provide compelling public-interest reasons to do so — “facts rather than misrepresentations and fiction.”

Listen in as John describes the problems and talks about what he thinks would work.

John’s Plugs

There’s a Tax Tea Party at Boston’s Long Wharf tomorrow, April 15th, at Long Wharf at 5:30 p.m.

On the fifth anniversary of legal same-sex marriage here, May 17th, a Thank You for 5 Years of Equality even will be in front of the State House. It will include participation by key legislators, activists, the Join the Impact team, and the Courting Equality principals. John said to expect much joy, a gigantic thank-you card to sign for the legislators…and perhaps a huge wedding cake.

Watch our various blogs for details.

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