Dumbed Down Dem Platform

The bland and smiley faced draft platform for this weekend’s MA Democratic Party convention befuddles us and today’s guest. Blogger and political activist Brian (a.k.a. Sabutai at Blue Mass Group) has been strong in his criticism.

At numerous caucuses and party hearings, Dems spoke up for their crucial issues. Understandably, they have been amazed at what did not appear in this broad-brush draft.

We speak a bit to what disappeared.

Brian saw two possibilities for Saturday:

  1. Reversion.  Enough delegates will collect sigs to force a vote to revert to last year’s much more specific platform.
  2. Revision.  A much more time-consuming and even more contentious process of amending and augmenting individual planks.

While it’s possible the delegates could vote for the non-specific draft, we all hope that they don’t. We’d much rather end up with a document that Dems can hold up and say, “This is what I believe in and want!”

Listen in as Brian leads through the issues and process.

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