McCrea Ready for Boston Shake-Up

Big ideas from aligning the Boston Mayor’s race with the Presidential one and maybe doubling voters came from Kevin McCrea today. He’s the most reform-minded of the candidates, in many ways.

He is a construction-company owner who lives in the South End. He’s best known for being a gadfly at public meetings and particularly for suing for open meetings.

Among his plans if elected are:

  • Eliminating the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and getting the Council involved in planning
  • Putting all public transactions and routine records online, including meeting minutes
  • Attacking crime with more police, but also with jobs for those at risk if they are unemployed
  • Applying the new 1% meals tax to offset the ever higher residential property taxes

Listen in for a whole, detailed set of proposals. McCrea envisions a different form of Boston methods and procedures for its problems.

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