Obama and HRC Promises Podcast

Our self-declared progressive President can’t seem to close any deal on gay rights or LGBT issues. Likewise, the Human Rights Campaign as self-appointed leader for LGBT rights counsels patience…seven years’ worth.

Ryan and Mike ripped into what they have promised and some of the list of what they haven’t delivered. During his campaign, Barack Obama promised overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and the military’s don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. He promised to use a bully pulpit to force these civil-rights issues to quick resolution. He promised equal marriage rights too.

He keeps talking, talking, talking, and not acting. Even on DADT, which he could effectively halt with an executive order as I type this, talks, talks, talks to Pentagon and Congressional anti-gay sorts instead of forcing anything.

Ryan has noted before that the HRC does next to nothing and seems to be a time and money sink for the LGBT communities.

We offer own own suggestions for what those who really want change should and should not do. Obama and the HRC clearly need leadership, as they don’t offer it here.


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