Tobin in Transition Podcast

We had a packed show — with a single guest — today as Boston City Councilor John Tobin joined us. He’s moving after nine years of being the most prolific and innovative legislator in that body. He discussed that and his new role as VP of city and community affairs.

He honestly couldn’t address what that will mean to the dream he’s had since first grade of being mayor here. He sure didn’t rule it out.

He did talk about the many who would warm his city hall chair. He faced a personal problem with long-term Chief of Staff David Isberg and longer-term buddy Matt O’Malley both saying they wanted to run in the (yet unscheduled) special election for the District 6 seat. Listen in as he talks about how the three of them finessed that, leading to Tobin’s endorsement of O’Malley.

I’ve been one of the many cranks in his district of Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury for years. I knew quite a bit about him. He revealed more about his upbringing and his family’s idea of pubic service…that did not necessarily mean running for office.

He addressed prickly issues sure to arise. Those include PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) deals between Northeastern and other universities with Boston, the role and duty of such institutions in adopting individual public schools, and even free internet access as a civil-rights issue.

The soon to be ex-councilor never shied from anything in that role, did not in the show, and surely won’t in his new job.


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