Showtime at the Beacon Hill Corral

Well, we rambled a bit, but Susan Ryan-Vollmar hung with us. The editor-in-chief of Bay Windows was as guest.

None of us could nail whether the anti-marriage-equality amendment coming before this year’s ConCon will come to a vote and if it does, if it will pass onto the ballot in 2008. Susan feared she might be too pessimistic, but she did not see how the pro-equality side could have flipped eight or nine legislators to keep from getting that 50-member 25% vote to advance the amendment. Yet, she said that MassEquality and other lobbying groups were not saying what successes that had so far.

Blogs of the Week

Mike’s blog post of the week came from an unusual place for him — Huffington Post. Sara Whitman’s A Separate Fountain does a great job without torturing the analogy of comparing civil unions to racial segregation.

She’s from Massachusetts and married to her wife for three years. She had spoken recently to a man who “told me that civil unions were an equal institution but that marriage is about religion…gay marriage was wrong. It was an argument of separate but equal, made by an African-American man. I wondered if the colored-only water fountains ever felt equal. Still a water fountain, after all. Just a separate one, so the purity of the white fountain would not be sullied…He was asking me to drink from another fountain. If marriage had no legal relevance and was only a religious symbol, I could go with it. But it doesn’t. It is woven into the legal system, government benefits, and tax codes. It is a civil right. The laws and understanding of it comes about from years and years of legal precedents. It can’t be replicated in a meaningful way…Civil unions, in other words, are still a separate fountain. ”

She hits it spot on in her call to defeat the anti-marriage-equality amendment here. Her personal blog is Suburban Lesbian Housewife.

Ryan’s Blog of the Week is a post on Mitt Romney’s, err, vision. Anna Marie Cox, former Ms. Wonkette, caught Mitt Romney making shit up. According to someone, somewhere (over the rainbow?), people in France marry in seven-year-terms. Because France is bad, he must have expected no one would question his facts absurd notions. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney actually spent years in France on a Mormon mission. Perhaps that’s when he read Orson Scott Card’s book that made up that whole 7-year thing to begin with – just not on this planet and it was about the Book of Mormon. Honorary mention to Massachusetts Liberal, who wrote an excellent piece on the traps of polling and Mitt Romney – and gave me the link to Cox’s piece to begin with.

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