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The Wisconsin union-busting attempt by brinkman Gov. Scott Walker continues to hoist him on his petard. He figured he’d carry his anti-union corporations-instead-of-people crusade further as the new head of state.

Instead, he has riled up most of Wisconsin and much of the nation. While the public-sector unions agreed to his economic demands, he iterates that what he really wants is to strip them of all collective-bargaining rights. Efforts to turn workers and managers in the first state to allow public unions into employees at will has met with fierce resistance and his poll numbers have plunged to tiny figures.

We talked about what this is about. Ryan recommends Rachel Maddow’s take, like here. Walker has also blundered into abject lying territory about public-sector income, which is easily refuted, like here.

We discuss the likelihood of the failure of this union-busting efforts and how it is galvanizing non-union as well as union Americans. We talk about Walker’s befuddled economic policies, past and present. This seems to be yet another overreaching that causes a tumble on the right.

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