NH SSM Fight Podcast

NH is oddly back in a manufactured fight over same-sex marriage. Guest John Hosty-Grinnell, LGBT activist, KnowThyNeighbor principal and blogger, joined us to report and comment.

Note: Our host service messed with us today and cut off the show exactly at the 30 minute mark. There were no thanks, good-byes or conclusions. I apologize.

He is also a NH resident, one of many with the question of after a thorough series of hearings, a non-binding plebiscite, and considerable protracted debate in the legislature, the state passed SSM just over a year ago. Why, then if this is settled and there are no problems, would the new Republican supermajority in both houses try to pass a law taking away a groups established right? Why pass a needless law?

Listen in as he speaks of his testimony before the recent hearing on the matter. He also recounts his exchanges with the governor and legislators one-on-one, and his attempted contact with his own state rep. From those perspectives, plus being a gay man with a husband, he sees this issue with great clarity.


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