Outspoken Councilor Pressley Podcast

apressley.jpgAyanna Pressley still does not mince words. On today’s podcast, she opened by saying she was in a hospital with her mother nearby in an ICU. She is likewise plain about her goals, motivations and role as Boston City Councilor.

Those who want background on the first woman of color to sit on Council can start with her profile on the city site. As useful may be a profile by Bianca Vasquez Toness that aired on WBUR. Note that Mike was a minor source for the latter.

This first-term Councilor arrived with an aggressive agenda, which she has only expanded as she tackles issues close to her heart and mind. Listen in as she speaks of advancing youth and women, protecting them from violence, and seeing that all have access to meaningful sex information. She even chairs her new standing Committee on Women & Healthy Communities to address a number of those related concerns.

We spoke of how she’ll approach this year’s suddenly exciting at-large Councilor race, what she sees as the role and duty of Council, and where she is seeking funds in these tight times for her goals. She described how she doesn’t mind making people feel uncomfortable, so long as that leads to good results.

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