At-Large Candidate Dorcena Podcast

William Dorcena, candidate for at-large Boston City Council, is likely good at his marketing and PR business. He turns a great phrase. Listen in as he describes how, “The streets will always be there and they’re waiting for you.”

He says he’ll campaign first on breaking the vicious cycle of poor education leading to poverty leading to crime and violence. He grew up on the streets around Dudley and says he understands what that does to youth. He wants to change that.

As well as upbringing and breaking the cycle himself, he was involved in a Summer of Opportunity effort with John Hancock that was part of the Boston Miracle. He explained today why he thinks we can duplicate that here and now. He says get those players together and make it plain, “We’ve done this. Let’s do it again.”

Little known to many of us (his website is almost ready, as is campaign literature), he spoke of his co-founding of the Boston Haitian Reporter, his role running outreach for the Democratic National Convention here and his own entrepreneurship with his company.

For the Council itself, he thinks there’s considerable power there and he wants to use it. He cites approving the budget, calling hearings and most of all being an advocate for the constituents, particularly true for at-large Councilors. As he put it,”you have a big microphone and a big stage.”

He predicts that without a preliminary election this year and with the likely low turnout without national and MA offices on the ballot, this will be a sprint to November. He figures it will not be won by media advertising and war chests. Instead, it will be shoe leather and voters will pick the candidates they have met and seen face to face.

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