Transgender Rights Bill

It’s the time and we have the key players next week. The Transgender Equal Rights Bill (H.502/S.764) is overdue and coming up for a fight on Beacon Hill.

The executive directors of MassEquality, Kara Suffredini, and of MA Transgender Political Coalition, Gunner Scott, join us. If you can listen here in Wednesday, September 14th, at 2:30 PM Eastern.

If you can’t hear the stream, come back to that URL, here at Left Ahead, or on iTunes later for the show on demand.

For some reason, we have been unable to close the deal for transgender protections. A lot of other states already have.

Here opponents have been using irrational scare tactics. In advertisements and campaigns, they ignore the hundreds of rights and screech that this bill wants to fill women’s restrooms with hordes of men who are sexual predators. Casting this civil rights legislation as “the bathroom bill” is a shameful lie. Listen in at Suffredini and Scott talk about what’s really at take.

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