Flaherty At-Large Race Podcast

Michael Flaherty doesn’t lack enthusiasm, even in an off-year election with no preliminary to whet voter’s interest. In what figures to be an extremely low turnout on Nov. 8th, he’s determined to become at at-large Boston City Councilor yet again. As former body president who quite two years ago to run against the mayor, he’s one of seven in the hunt for an at-large seat, with all four incumbents running for reelection.

Listen in as Flaherty deals with all three co-hosts on many topics. He hits his stump speech points on construction and government jobs going to Boston residents, on city schools being good enough to let residents get into the local great universities, and both citywide and neighborhood crime plans instead of just reacting to violence. He expands on some areas like jobs — wrap-around services for student and year-round job opportunities them, as well as squeezing the many colleges and other non-profits to hire residents for their important positions.

He addressed corruption among local pols. He also went head-on to discuss his relationship with Mayor Tom Menino as well as the Council. He bills himself as not a go along to get along guy, but says there’s nothing personal when he disagrees with Menino or a councilor. It isn’t personal, but about policy he says, adding, “I can work with anyone.” He does believe that competition in good and drives government and politicians to be their best.

Click the player below to hear how he thinks his running for mayor last time brought improvement. He also addresses whether councilors should have four-year instead of two-year terms.

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