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The Left Ahead! trio formally (as formal as we can get) endorsed Jamie Eldridge for the 5th U.S. Congressional District special election to replace Rep. Marty Meehan. You can look on our three websites for more detailed arguments, but we concur that he shows the leadership, the breadth of understanding of the issues, the progressive positions, and the strength of heart and character the role and these times demand.

We started early with updates and the best projections we could on Thursday’s ConCon session coming up. That brought in a caller, Wayne from St. Louis. He was concerned about whether being against same-sex marriage branded him (at least to us) as homophobic. We answered that strongly and he concluded that the issue didn’t directly affect him, so he could see living and letting live.

For a blog post of the week, Mike surprised himself by favoring Outraged Liberal at Massachusetts liberal again. LOL at The Paris Hilton presidency. There’s an all too apt comparison of two spoiled rich kids goofing up and expecting their parents to rescue them, yet again. Then get more serious as the blogger notes “It’s obvious a lot of the national obsession and her pals Britney, Lindsay and the late Anna Nicole is overload from the arrogant failings of the Bush administration. Many Americans would rather escape into the fantasy world of over-exposed celebrities than deal with the reality of Iraq.”

Ryan’s Blog of the Week comes from Chris Mason, over at Take Mass Action. He had a great run down of all the constitutional conventions, titled “Constitutional Convention – Part 17.” If anyone is interested in the history we have going here, it’s a great blog to read. Like Chris Mason, Ryan is sick of these ConCons and would rather spend his time doing “a million other things,” but you’ll see Ryan, Chris Mason and Mike there this Thursday too, as well as hundreds of others, fighting for equal rights.

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