And Then What?

It was just Ryan and Mike tonight. Ryan’s initial connection was bad — he called in a few minutes later for a clear connection.

We hit on the commonwealth budget. Can Gov. Deval Patrick affect a progressive platform without a fair share from protected corporations for revenue? House Speaker Sal DiMasi continues to shield big money interests while hoping that tax projections are low. That’s a sucker’s bet and no way to set up an infrastructure.

We spent most of the hour on the Lewis Scooter Libby commutation by President G.W. Bush. We were appalled and say it is far past time for Congress to show at least as much courage as the White House exhibits arrogance. Think impeachment.

We riffed on single-payer health care and lamented that no Democratic front runner and far too few Congress folk in either house are progressive enough to advance the concept. We call for a marriage-equality-style people’s movement to get the politicians out of their cowardly covers, and to elect more progressives.

In that vein, the quote Ryan felt captures the moment was:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Ryan told why casinos won’t solve our problems.

Mike’s blog post of the week was by regular_guy writing at Drinking Liberally in Oakland. His Open Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for impeachment of the President and Vice President.

He draws comparisons with the Reagan era Iran-Contra affair. He concludes:

Many members of that Reagan Administration, including Dick Cheney, are or were members of this Bush Administration. And I contend that these people were emboldened into carrying out the current abuses of power by the fact that they were not held accountable for the abuses of Iran/Contra. Imagine if you will, that this Administration is also not held accountable, that the current abuses become accepted and are condoned as were the abuses of Iran/Contra. Imagine that this Congress is complicit as was that earlier body. What abuses might future Administrations be tempted to carry out?

No impeachment then, no impeachment now. But, we did have impeachment proceedings during the intervening years – simply for lying about a “private” matter. Please do not continue that mockery by abdicating your responsibility now. Impeachment is not a waste of time, it is absolutely necessary, and it is your duty. Do not worry – the people will be behind you, we will march in the streets of Washington to support you.

Ryan’s Blog of the Week was David’s post on the Scooter Libby situation. David, a lawyer who used to serve as a clark for the Supreme Court, didn’t really mince words. Lots of great discussion and general disappointment.

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