Mike’s Endorsements

I didn’t drag Ryan into this. As I immodestly put it, I took the IK out of Mike and left the Me. The Boston municipal preliminary is the most complex in my memory and a consternation to even high-information voters.

So in a fit of omphaloskepsis, I decided live what I’d do for the preliminary on Tuesday. I’d been to the fora. I’d pored over the sites of mayoral and councilor candidates and hit as many stump speeches as I could. Plus, quite a few of the would-be mayors have been on this show, both as pols and as pols running for mayor. I know many of these folk.

Even with all that background, I was undecided only five days before the preliminary. At least now, I have answers for the many I know who have been asking me to set their minds at ease in this confusing set of races.

I went through the decision process live and found my best candidate for mayor, district councilor and at-large councilor. There’s yet the November final to decide, which may or may not include my candidates. Meanwhile though, I went through, for mayor, whether to choose on trivialities, such as looks and personality, on likelihood of winning (electabillity), and what I ended up deeming as vital — who would make the best mayor to push Boston up to the next level.

If you’d like to hear the reasoning and conclusions, listen by clicking below.


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