Walsh Talks Boston Final

walsh.pngAnd then there were two…MA Rep. Marty Walsh was on today talking issues both broad and very specific. He will be in the Boston mayoral final Nov. 5th. against City Councilor John Connolly.

Before you listen below, I’d advise opening his campaign site’s platform (Issues) page. You can tunnel down into his eight topic areas. We refer to some of that in today’s show. In particular, his integration of technology into policy may be surprising and even refreshing.

We started with a discussion of transparency and accountability, and not just as passing mentions, buzzwords a candidate may feel compelled to allow in literature. His platform has those ideas and terms interwoven. Listen in as Walsh explains how he thinks his obligation as mayor to constituents would include these throughout. He later reflects this attitude in other areas during our conversation.

Some of his concepts for improving Boston are simple, but important, such as being able to pay real-estate taxes online. He spoke of his own frustrations in trying to find information, such as details on Boston schools, which should be easily available online. Other concepts involve tens of thousands of new housing units, plus new or expanded industries to put jobs where residents are. He claims he envisions adding housing units and business in ways that will let residents stay in their neighborhoods and maintain those areas’ identity while Boston grows.

He also said that he shared or was taking good ideas from some of the others who had run in the mayoral preliminary. Two, Felix Arroyo and John Barros, endorsed him today. Also, he likes Mike Ross’ approach to transit oriented development.

Click below to hear how he differentiates himself from Connolly, although both have reputations for and careers built on progressive positions. Walsh makes much of having been a legislator with a record of voting on thorny issues, not just talking about them. To my relief though, he agreed that the campaign must remain about issues and not devolve into class warfare, or as I put it, work boots against tassel loafers.

Also, Walsh dealt bluntly with the labor issues and the numerous areas of negotiations bound to face the next mayor. Noting he had sat on both sides of the table, he said he’d be active in negotiations, laying his cards on the table at the beginning and saying what the limits were.

He was plainspoken.


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