Connolly on His End Game

Weeks in the making, I was pleased to have the other shoe today, the second of the two finalists in next month’s final for Boston mayor, John Connolly. See last week’s show for Marty Walsh.

Connolly called in between two events. He gave me full attention, but was only on for 17 minutes. If you’d like to skip my intro, context setting and blather, drag bar ahead to 8:30 minutes in the player below, or your own if you save the file for later.

I had prepared policy questions before we rescheduled the show several times. Meanwhile polls have come out, much money has been raised, and lately many pols have endorsed, most for Walsh. Knowing we’d be short of time, I trimmed the topics considerably.

Listen in as we start with the largely artificial controversy about whether three years full time in the classroom gives him leave to say he is a former teacher. He believes those remain transformative years that inform his work and politics. He jocularly said those who would denigrate that as being like birthers.

For the next few weeks:

  • He does not believe the campaign will get nasty or classist.
  • He thinks both sides have enough money and staff for a fair race.
  • He won’t be changing his approach for the next two debates (tomorrow and the next Tuesday evenings).
  • He thinks that voters will ultimately decide between the candidates’ platforms.

Note: If you’re wondering where normal co-host Ryan has been, be aware he recused himself from the mayoral shows because of political (and blogger activities that might conflict.

Among other topics we got to was housing. I challenged him on what seemed like spongy lingo in his development planks. Phrases like “As mayor, I would leverage the resources and influence of the Department of Neighborhood Development, the BRA an the Housing Trust” do not inspire me to believe his administration would drive enough of the right kind of housing. Listen in as he talks about how he’d get it done.

He also claims that women, those financially struggling and communities of color like his economic plans to do more than bring some jobs. He also wants business founding via entrepreneurial centers. His vision is folks in places like Dorchester and Roxbury starting companies and hiring neighbors.

Both shoes have dropped, rather both shows.


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