Tom Lang and Dem Candidates

Co-founder of Know Thy Neighbor, Tom Lang, joined us to discuss the Presidential campaign and marriage equality and related GLBT issues. He called for equality-minded folk to demand that the candidates take plain positions on equal rights. Of particular annoyance is Hillary’s positions and her current front-runner status. None of the Big 3 should be able to be percieved as those who fully support civil rights when, in fact, they don’t. With the extremely high voter turnout of glbt voters, hopefully at least one of the Big 3 will shift positions sooner rather than later – because if they do, and glbt voters rally behind that candidate, there’s a very good chance that kind of support would push a candidate through Iowa and New Hampshire, for starters.

Posts of the Week

Mike was amused by Jim David’s The Gay Squirm Factor. He relishes Sweden and such places that transcend sexual orientation.

In America the spectacle of uncomfortable straights tiptoeing around gays is in full squirm. The HRC/LOGO Democratic forum showed the candidates gamely trying to not run screaming into the night. Hillary was at her prerecorded best trying to justify her hubby’s crippling Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, two laws passed only to appease said uncomfortable straights. Obama danced around the reasons why black churches are so antigay (if he had just said “The brothers just don’t like the ‘mos,” it would have been honest).

Ryan’s Blog of the Week comes from Sco at .08 Acres and a Donkey. He continues on the old-law meme that LeftAhead has been harping on for several episodes by discussing Massachusetts’s corporate man-slaughter law. He finds the rare good Herald article – which means he had the stomach to read many and deserves a cookie, at least – and found this interesting tidbit.

1819. That’s the year state lawmakers last updated penalties for corporations convicted of involuntary manslaughter, the charge now facing a Big Dig epoxy supplier. Consequently, the maximum penalty is $1,000. Lawmakers want to stiffen the law, but it won’t matter in this case, because the attorney general is bound to the law on the books at the time of the tunnel collapse.

Ouch. Perhaps it’s time to update all the laws on our books in Massachusetts. Maybe the answer to bad, old laws is to make every law a sunset law that has to be passed every decade or so? In any event, it was a good catch on Sco’s part, earning him Ryan’s Blog of the Week.

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