The New, Devolved Free Speech

Our full house of regulars welcomed Mike Benedetti of Pie and Coffee and Worcester’s WCCA-TV. He attended the entire Larry Cirignano trial and came loaded with insights.

We kicked around the implications of the right-wing activist getting off both civil-rights and assault-and-battery charges, plus what it might mean in Worcester and beyond for protesters of all stripes. Is it possible that what happened in Worcester – a woman beating tossed to the ground by the crowd, who said they had the right to do so because of their permit – is a taste of what’s to come in this new day and age of free speech rights – and the zones we’re allowed to have them in?

We got around to trends in casino gambling proposals here. That’s meaningful in Worcester as well. It is one of three areas that could get a destination resort for gambling/entertainment/partying. Benedetti senses that the Worcester community – and even their relatively conservative mayor – don’t fully trust all the flowery promises coming out of casinos in Massachusetts (nor should they).

Posts of the Week

Mike got fired up by Atrios in Fading Issue. After a tracing of the reasons for and history of impeachment movement for the current President, the conclusion is:

Impeachment faded because Democrats ran from it instead of running on it. There were literally no mainstream voices reflecting what most of the country thought about the issue.

Iraq is strangely similar. A huge majority wants out, and the Villagers to stay in. The disconnect between what the people want and what the Villagers know is what’s best for them is stark, as it was during the great blow job crisis.

Iraq the issue won’t fade, but Iraq the political issue might because the Villagers will do their best to make it fade.

Ryan’s Blog of the Week comes from Blue Mass Group, where editor Bob tackled Jon Keller’s new book, “The Bluest State.” Sadly, Keller’s got himself caught in a case of textbook plagiarism, where he wripped quotes directly from Boston Globe and Herald articles without any attribution, whatsoever – leaving readers with the distinct impression that he did all the leg work. Yeah, right.

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    […] Ahead I talked about the Cirignano trial on this week’s Left Ahead podcast. I was pretty sick, and not especially pithy, so listen at your own […]

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