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Date Topic Title Time Size
11/10/16 Whither Dems? Farewell podcast 18min 16.8M
11/3/16 End to Incivility Cloak of Optimism 18min 16.5M
10/26/16 Tiny Tent Party Whither GOP and Dems? 25min 22.8M
10/18/16 Whining Donnie Rigged (pout) 18min 17.9M
10/13/16 Hillary Lesson No Saleswoman 18min 16.3M
10/5/16 Drukmpf Schtup Sexualized election 17min 16.5M
9/14/16 Basket of Deplorables Call ’em Out 20min 18.4M
9/6/16 All-Dem D.C. Divert Political Anger 19min 17.8M
8/30/16 T4MA Josh Ostroff 30min 28.3M
8/23/16 Pot and slots MA ballot questions 30min 27.8M
8/10/16 Hillary vs. Bernie Family Tales 20min 18.3M
7/26/16 Bernie’s Sauce Did He Convince Them? 24min 22.9M
7/20/16 Trump Believers Smell No Scat 16min 14.8M
7/13/16 Tipping Point Guns and Cops 31min 29.5M
7/5/16 Hillary’s Email No Free Ride 22min 21.3M
6/21/16 Leave Warren Alone No to VP 16min 14.9M
6/14/16 Bloody World Big Fixes 29min 27.2M
6/8/16 No Fair! Mommy’s Boy Trump 21min 18.8M
6/3/16 Responsibility? Still a Thing? 21min 18.8M
5/12/16 Boston Timid No! Town 19min 17M
5/2/16 Maura Healey Head on agaiunst Opioids 18min 17M
4/23/16 Intro to AG Healey Who’s Pushing Morphine? 22min 20.2M
3/31/16 Jessica Berson The Naked Result 31min 28.4M
3/16/16 Stupor Tuesday Clear the Field 19min 17.5M
3/9/16 Fair Fares Boston MBTA 24min 22.2M
3/2/16 Trump v. Clinton Demon v. Raptor 26min 23.5M
2/17/16 Replacing Nino Time for full SCOTUS 21min 21.4M
2/10/16 Big So What? Trump, Sanders Wins 29min 26.9M
2/2/16 Iowa and NH New bull elephant 22min 22M
1/5/16 Capitalism gone Stupid Sox and Globe 22min 19.7M
12/30/15 Death by Fear Drama Quens 26min 24.7M
12/9/15 Anti-gay Victimization Cynical Fund-raising 16min 15.1M
12/5/15 Terror on US Soil Orks Inside and Out 20min 19.5M
12/3/15 Basta! No More Anonymous Guns 19min 17.7M
11/10/15 Bathroom-bill scam LGBT Equality 22min 20.9M
10/29/15 Perils of Impatience Always Connected 25min 22.7M
10/15/15 Councilor Tim McCarthy Boston Election 2015 36min 35.6M
10/7/15 You Don’t Multitask Cell Phone Evil 25min 22.3M
10/2/15 Gun culture Roseburg 21min 19.1M
9/25/15 2016 Shakeout GOP & Dem Candidates 28min 25.9M
9/15/15 Free Mass Transit Zero-Fare Rides 19min 17.4M
9/3/15 Bullets and Bull Gun Violence 23min 20M
8/21/15 Nixon’s Ghost DC Revenge Politics 20min 18.9M
8/15/15/15 Candidate Dynamics 2016 Motives 26min 25.6M
7/28/15 Bumped from Boston No Olympics ’24 25min 23.3M
7/23/15 Go Set a Watchman Review and more 22min 20.4M
6/27/15 Equality Blog Closing shop
6/19/15 SC Racism WABAC Machine 25min 23.2M
6/11/15 Winger Boycotts All Fail 17min 16M
6/2/15 Josh Zakim Boston Councilor 27min 24.8M
5/29/15 Globe Paywall Death Spiral? 15min 14.3M
5/15/15 Boston City Council How Much Change? 18min 16.9M
4/30/15 SSM at SCOTUS Pending Equality? 27min 23.5M
4/23/15 Hillary’s Move Warren’s Gravity 19min 17.7M
4/9/15 Tsarnaev Verdict MBTA Report 27min 24.6M
3/31/15 Indiana Loons 1st Amendment Games 19min 17.5M
3/24/15 Prez Pols Big Ideas 23min 21.3M
3/18/15 2MA Gay Things Parades & SSM 25min 22.6M
3/10/15 Steve Muphy Murphy’s Lawmaking 30min 28.5M
3/5/15 Baker’s Budget MA Bucks 27min 25.6M
2/24/15 John Connolly Home Visit Hero 34min 30.6M
2/17/15 Is Boston Broken? Hub Troubles 28min 25.7M
2/10/15 Snow, Pols & Taxes Boston Updates 24min 22M
1/27/15 Matt O’Malley Boston Councilor 37min. 34M
1/20/15 Boston Olympics Con Side 24min. 22.8M
1/13/15 Boston Olympics Pro Side 24min. 21.8M
1/6/15 New MA Gov Old MA Gov 28min. 25.4M
12/23/14 Cops & Civilians Swapping Outrage 22min. 19.7M
12/19/14 Jennifer Levi Kosilek Analysis 22min. 21.3M
12/18/14 Transgender Inmate Kosilek Ruling 19min. 17.9M
12/9/14 Ex-Felons Perpetual Punishment 25min. 22.4M
12/2/14 America Obeys Authority Fetish 27min. 24.8M
11/18/14 Food, Cooking My Hand to Your Mouth 30min. 27.7M
11/11/14 Mark Solomon Winning Marriage 30min. 27.3M
11/10/14 Evan Falchuk United Independent Party 30min. 27.6M
11/5/14 Newish MA Gov MA Election recap 31min. 29.3M
10/28/14 2014 Vote Forecast MA Election 30min. 27.5M
10/14/14 Gary Buseck GLAD on SSM 38min. 31.3M
10/7/14 Casinos on Ballot MA Elections 23min. 21.5M
9/30/14 4 Ballot Questions MA Elections 22min. 20.4M
9/23/14 Evan Falchuk MA Gov.Race 36min. 34.3M
9/10/14 MA Primariy Recap Final Predictions 29min. 13.4M
9/2/14 MA Primaries 2014 Preview, Predictions 28min. 6.8M
8/26/14 Post-Ferguson? Race, Cops, Justice 33min. 7.6M
8/19/14 Deb Goldberg MA Treasurer Race 35min. 8.2M
8/12/14 Tom Conroy MA Treasurer Race 30min. 7M
8/5/14 Barry Finegold MA Treasurer Race 23min. 5.3M
7/29/14 MA Open Arms Refugee Children 26min. 6M
7/23/14 Steve Kerrigan MA LG Race 31min. 7.1M
7/15/14 Mike Lake MA LG Race 34min. 7.9M
7/9/14 Hobby Lobby Part 2 23min. 5.5M
7/8/14 Hobby Lobby SCOTUS Shame 12min. 2.8M
6/9/14 Warren Tolman MA AG Race 28min. 6.5M
6/5/14 Maura Healey MA AG Race 30min. 6.9M
6/4/14 Leland Cheung MA Lt. Gov. Race 44min. 12.6M
5/20/14 Deval Patrick Troubles MA Gov. Legacy 33min. 7.8M
5/13/14 A Fine Mess MA Gov. Race 33min. 7.7M
5/7/14 Tito Jackson Black Men and Boys in Boston 33min. 7.7M
4/30/14 GOP v. Women Pols Preemptive pounding 30min. 7.1M
4/25/14 Martha Coakley MA Gov. Race 31min. 7.3M
4/17/14 Eich Sanders 34min. 7.8M
4/8/14 Lisa Rosenberg Money Screams 30min. 7M
3/25/14 Minimum Wage Economy 31min. 7.3M
3/18/14 Mark Fisher MA Gov. Race 31min. 7.2M
3/11/14 Evan Falchuk MA Gov. Race 32min. 7.4M
3/6/14 Joe Avellone MA Gov. Race 32min. 7.4M
2/25/14 Jeff McCormick MA Gov. Race 31min. 7.3M
2/18/14 Disenfranchisement Debt to Society 23min. 5.4M
2/11/14 Don Berwick MA Gov. Race 30min. 7.1M
2/4/14 State-of Address USA & MA 36min. 8.4M
1/28/14 Juliette Kayyem MA Gov. Race 30min. 7.2M
1/21/14 New Jersey Troubles Not Going Away 34min. 16M
1/14/14 Steve Grossman MA Gov. Race 31min. 7.2M
1/2/14 Vickie Henry LGBT Recap 30min. 7.2M
11/26/13 Jamie Eldridge Dark Money 30min. 7.1M
11/19/13 Decade of Love Post-Goodridge 29min. 6.6M
11/12/13 Fixing ACA Obamacare, Bumblecare 31min. 7.3M
11/06/13 Boston Recap Election 2013 30min. 7M
10/29/13 John Connolly Boston Mayor Final 27min. 6.3M
10/8/13 Marty Walsh Boston Mayor Final 31min. 7.2M
10/1/13 Shutdown Rant GOP Craziness 18min. 4.3M
9/25/13 Recap Boston Preliminary 30min. 7.1M
9/19/13 Mike’s Endorsements Boston Mayoral 30min. 7M
9/13/13 Larry DiCara Boston Mayoral 27min. 6.2M
9/10/13 Boston Dozen Mayor Candidates 39min. 9.1M
9/3/13 Cop of the World Syrian Crisis 31min. 7.3M
8/27/13 Boston Mayoral Race Felix Arroyo 30min. 7M
8/20/13 New Chances News Noise 31min. 7.4M
8/13/13 Post-DOMA Immigration Marisa DeFranco 23min. 5.3M
7/30/13 New Poverty American Downer 31min. 7.2M
7/23/13 Boston Mayoral Race Mike Ross 41min. 9.3M
7/16/13 Boston Mayoral Race Rob Consalvo 25min. 5.9M
7/2/13 Prime Time Crime Time 32min. 7.5M
6/26/13 Political Potpourri Markey, DOMA, NSA 31min. 7.2M
6/18/13 Boston Mayoral Race Bill Walczak 30min. 7M
6/12/13 Boston Mayoral Race Marty Walsh 33min. 7.8M
6/4/13 Boston Mayoral Race John Connolly 33min. 7.8M
5/28/13 US Senate Race Gomez Flails 30min. 6.9M
5/14/13 1 Fake, 1 Real DC Scandals 30min. 7M
5/7/13 Everybody Wants It Boston Mayor Race 29min. 6.8M
5/1/13 US Sen. from MA Special Election 31min. 7.3M
4/23/13 Marathon Bombs Terrorism in Boston 33min. 7.6M
4/16/13 Kara Suffredini MassEquality 35min. 8.3M
4/9/13 Build v. Stagnate Transit/Ed Fights 28min. 6.6M
4/2/13 Bikes in Boston Nicole Freedman 44min. 10.2M
3/26/13 Boston Mayor Plans SCOTUS Hears Prop 8 28min. 6.5M
3/19/13 Politics Recap Some Good, Some Nasty 31min. 7.4M
3/12/13 Scott Brown’s Gold GOP Slapdash US Senate Race 34min. 7.9M
3/5/13 John Connolly Aiming to be Mayor 30min. 7.1M
2/26/13 Rob Consalvo Pits and Pot 30min. 7.1M
2/19/13 MA Pot Medical Marijuana 25min. 6.1M
2/12/13 MA Blizzard Storm Brings Changes 30min. 7.1M
1/30/13 US Senate Merry Kerry Flurry 31min. 7.3M
1/15/13 Gun Control Decision Time 29min. 6.9M
1/8/13 Obama’s Courage Nominees 31min. 7.3M
1/2/13 Fiscal Deal Skeptic’s Guide 29min. 6.9M
12/26/12 SCOTUS and SSM Marriage mirage 33min. 7.8M
12/18/12 Screaming Bloody Murder Gun Violence 30min. 7M
12/4/12 Usual Suspects Boston and MA Changes 38min. 8.9M
11/20/12 Senate Reform Kill or Maim Filibuster 30min. 7.1M
11/13/12 What Now, Congress? Goosing Lame Duck 31min. 7.2M
11/7/12 Election 2012 Joy or Despair 35min. 8.2M
10/30/12 Helman & Stephany Election Showdown 34min. 7.9M
10/23/12 John L.Galligan Election Punditry 36min. 8.5M
10/16/12 John Connolly School Revolution 31min. 14.3M
10/9/12 POTUS/Senate Debates Week 25min. 5.9M
10/2/12 Steven Miller Cyclist v. Driver 33min. 7.7M
9/25/12 Senate Debate Warren/Brown 35min. 8.2M
9/18/12 Mat Helman Sen. Brown Record 35min. 8.3M
9/11/12 DNC Convention Donkey Time 28min. 6.6M
9/4/12 RNC Convention Elephant Leavings 30min. 7M
8/28/12 1st Essex MA Senate O’Connor Ives 31min. 7.3M
8/21/12 Governor’s Council Brian Clinton 30min. 7M
8/14/12 Bad or Worse? Paul Ryan Pick 31min. 7.2M
8/3/12 3rd Middlesex MA Senate Joe Kearns Goodwin 30min. 7.1M
7/17/12 3rd Middlesex MA Senate Mara Dolan 30min. 7.1M
7/16/12 Affordable Care Act David Kravitz 34min. 8M
6/26/12 Sasquatch SCOTUS Big Rulings 30min. 7M
6/19/12 Beyond US Senate Other MA Races 30min. 7.1M
6/12/12 Ryan Adams Netroots Nation 35min. 8.3M
6/5/12 US Senate Warren’s War 30min. 7M
5/29/12 3rd Middlesex Senate Joe Mullin 29min. 6.8M
5/22/12 What We Cede U.S. Freedoms 18min. 4.3M
5/15/12 3rd Middlesex Senate Alex Buck 32min. 7.5M
5/8/12 3rd Middlesex Senate Joe Kearns Goodwin 32min. 7.5M
5/1/12 Elections 2012 Again Pundit Pair 30min. 7.0M
4/24/12 Gown and Town John Tobin 36min. 8.4M
4/17/12 3rd Middlesex Senate Mike Barrett 35min. 8.1M
4/10/12 Thy Willard Be Done GOP POTUS Chances 32min. 7.5M
3/27/12 MA Ballot Initiatives Rep. Provost 32min. 7.6M
3/20/12 US Senate Race Jim King 32min. 7.5M
3/13/12 MA Senate 3rd Middlesex Mara Dolan 30min. 7.1M
3/12/12 Marriage Equality John Buehrens 41min. 9.7M
2/28/12 More Craziness GOP and Glop 29min. 6.9M
2/21/12 John Walsh Candidates 2012 45min. 10.5M
2/14/12 Steve Murphy Heart of Boston 32min. 7.5M
1/24/12 GOP Primary Newt Lives 31min. 7.2M
1/23/12 US Senate Marisa DeFranco 35min. 8.1M
1/10/12 NH Primary Liars and Titans and Bores 30min. 7M
1/3/12 2012 Election Progressives’ Angst 29min. 6.8M
12/28/11 Happy Solemnizer MA Marriage 21min. 5.1M
12/20/11 Spectrum of Sexuality Robyn Ochs 38min. 8.9M
12/19/11 Treasurer on Casinos Steve Grossman 20min. 4.8M
12/13/11 2012 Update Senate and POTUS 37min. 8.5M
12/8/11 Policypalooza Mara Dolan 36min. 8.3M
11/29/11 Redistricting and More Sen. Chang-Diaz 33min. 7.6M
11/22/11 Political Year Thanks Due 30min. 6.9M
11/15/11 Many v. 1 2012 Contests 35min. 8.2M
11/9/11 Elections Far and Close Election Wrap 31min. 7.2M
11/1/11 Beyond Senate Race Alan Khazei 31min. 7.2M
10/27/11 Boston At-Large Council Ayanna Pressley 31min. 7.2M
10/25/11 Citizens United Bills Jamie Eldridge 32min. 7.6M
10/18/11 Boston At-Large Michael Flaherty 34min. 8M
10/14/11 U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren 40min. 9.6M
10/11/11 Ground Report Occupy Boston 29min. 6.8M
10/4/11 Real Grass Roots Occupy Wall St. 32min. 7.6M
9/27/11 Casino Bill MA on Verge 32min. 7.4M
9/20/11 Suzanne Lee District 2 Council 33min. 7.5M
9/14/11 Suffredini/Scott Transgender Rights 31min. 7.3M
8/30/11 MA Casinso Gambling Bill 30min. 7.2M
8/23/11 2012 US Senate Dem Primary 22min. 5.0M
8/17/11 MA Treasurer Steve Grossman 32min. 7.5M
8/9/11 Blue Goals Red Ink 33min. 7.6M
8/2/11 Debt Bill Capitulation 30min. 7.2M
7/26/11 News Corp Murdoch Troubles 20min. 4.6M
7/12/11 SSM Forecast NY, RI…US 37min. 8.8M
7/5/11 Illegal Guns Nancy Robinson 32min. 7.4M
6/28/11 US Senate 2012 Marisa DeFranco 32min. 7.3M
6/21/11 DiMasi Verdict MA Corruption 31min. 7.3M
6/17/11 Boston Council Races William Dorcena 30min. 7.2M
6/14/11 Boston Council Races Ayanna Pressley 31min. 7.4M
6/9/11 Boston Council Races Steve Murphy 33min. 7.8M
6/7/11 Boston Council Races Felix Arroyo 31min. 7.4M
5/24/11 Boston Council Races John Connolly 33min. 7.7M
5/17/11 Boston Council Races Michael Flaherty 33min. 7.6M
5/10/11 Boston & MA Updates 31min. 7.3M
5/3/11 Zombie bin Laden U.S. Opportunities 27min. 6.5M
4/19/11 MA Dem Party John Walsh 31min. 7.3M
4/12/11 Down the Rabbit Hole Federal Budget 29min. 6.7M
4/8/11 SSM R.I. Ray Sullivan 29min. 6.9M
4/5/11 Minority Neighborhoods Horace Small 30min. 7.1M
3/29/11 Musical House Seats MA Redistricting 28min. 6.5M
3/22/11 Cops of the World Action in Libya 30min. 6.8M
3/15/11 Boston Housing Rob Consalvo 30min. 7M
3/1/11 NH SSM Fight John Hosty-Grinnell 30min. 7M
2/23/11 ‘scansin Scandal Union Busting 33min. 7.6M
2/15/11 Lessons & Lesions 2010 MA Campaign 33min. 7.7M
2/8/11 Egypt & U.S. Crisis Scramble 31min. 7.2M
2/1/11 R.I. & N.H. SSM Battles 34min. 8.1M
1/25/11 2012 Senate Race Bob Massie 54min. 12.6M
1/11/11 Tucson Aftermath Wild West 54min. 12.6M
1/4/11 MA & DC Old Battles 56min. 13,2M
12/21/10 After DADT Kara Suffredini 41min. 9.7M
12/14/10 Kill-a-Bill Filibuster 57min. 13.3M
12/7/10 How Wicked? WikiLeaks 58min. 13.5M
11/30/10 How Dirty MA? Corruption 36min. 8.3M
11/23/10 Video Power & Peril Steve Garfield 58min. 13.6M
11/16/10 Hope for Populism Grace Ross 60min. 14.1M
11/9/10 2012 Elections Big Battles 55min. 12.9M
11/3/10 2010 Election Harsh Reality 53min. 12.4M
10/19/10 MA Elections Players and Picks 56min. 9.8M
10/12/10 MassEquality Kara Suffredini 57min. 10M
10/5/10 Trolley Talk William Lind 60min. 10.5M
9/28/10 MA Nov. Choices Top Spots and Tax Votes 34min. 6.0M
9/21/10 Talking Worcester Mike Benedetti 49min. 5.9M
9/15/10 MA Elections Primary Results 49min. 5.8M
9/7/10 MA Elections Primary Preview 37min. 4.4M
8/25/10 5th Suffolk Carlos Henriquez 44min. 5.2M
8/24/10 Yes, He Can? MA Gov. Race 46min. 9.8M
8/17/10 Election Updates MA Campaigns 60min. 14M
8/10/10 Boston City Council Candidate Matt O’Malley 41min. 9.6M
8/3/10 Boston City Council Michael Ross 71min. 16.5M
7/27/10 Boston Cyclists Union Pete Stidman 52min. 12.1M
7/20/10 9th CD Mac D’Alessandro 58min. 13.5M
7/13/10 Crosstown Move John Tobin 56min. 14.7M
7/6/10 Tweaking and Fixing Eh, America? 53min. 12.4M
6/22/10 SSM Marriage Under the Gavel 44min. 10.3M
6/15/10 40B Affordable Housing Bernie Lynch 46min. 10.9M
6/8/10 Political Derby Mass Primaries 46min. 10.9M
5/25/10 Baker’s Dozing GOP’s Gov. Candidate 57min. 13.4M
5/19/10 Conservative Treasurer Karyn Polito 56min. 13.2M
5/11/10 Aggressive Treasurer Steve Murphy 54min. 12.6M
5/4/10 Activist Treasurer Steve Grossman 61min. 14.2M
4/27/10 Nothing Funny MA Money Time 47min. 11M
4/24/10 MA 5th District Rep. Niki Tsongas 41min. 9.6M
4/13/10 Sec’y of Commonwealth Jim Henderson 55min. 13.0M
4/6/10 Deval and More Re-election, slots, trends 58min. 13.6M
3/30/10 Slots, Seriously? USS-MA & Women Voters 60min. 14.2M
3/23/10 Brown’s State Senate Seat Lida Harkins 50min. 11.7M
3/16/10 MA Health Care For the Masses 43min. 10.1M
3/9/10 Progressive for Scott Brown’s Seat Peter Smulowitz 57min. 13.3M
3/2/10 The Duke and the T Mike Dukakis 54min. 12.8M
2/23/10 Driving Trains Tim Murray 54min. 12.6M
2/23/10 Fabulous Fantasies Next Elections 59min. 13.8M
2/2/10 Deval Touches All Deval Patrick 59min. 13.9M
1/26/10 Gentler Food Melissa Kogut 57min. 13.3M
1/20/10 How Hardy the Party John Walsh 60min. 14.1M
1/12/10 Fortress America Security and Fantasy 43min. 8.5M
1/5/10 MA Budget Future Revenue 46min. 10.5M
12/29/9 MA/US Predictions 2010 Forecast 55min. 12.6M
12/22/9 Health Reform Wee and Weak 59min. 13.8M
12/15/9 Term Limits Forever and a Day 59min. 13.9M
12/9/9 Special Election Results Envelope Please 49min. 11.5M
11/1/9 Senate Seat Primary Time to Pick 34min. 8M
11/24/9 Senate Seat/Health Fight MA Election and DC Battles 51min. 11.9M
11/17/9 James Aloisi Transportation Crisis and Future 60min. 11.1M
11/10/9 Safe or Sorry Race for Ted’s Seat 68min. 15.9M
11/4/9 Boss of Boston MA Election Results 56min. 13.3M
10/29/9 Punditry Aplenty John Galligan 60min. 14.1M
10/27/9 Boston Public Schools John Connolly 58min. 13.5M
10/22/9 Race for Ted’s Seat Mike Capuano 60min. 14M
10/15/9 At-Large Boston Council 2 Ayanna Pressley 58min. 13.5M
10/13/9 Obama and HRC Unfulfilled Promises 41 min. 9.6M
10/6/9 Andrew Kenneally Boston Council Race 57 min. 13.5M
9/29/9 Double Team Boston Mayor Race 49 min. 11.5M
9/24/9 The Big Filter MA Preliminaries 60 min. 14.1M
9/15/9 Coveting Ted’s Seat Shifting Contenders 42 min. 9.8M
9/8/9 Scramble for Senate Musical Chairs 56 min. 13.2M
9/1/9 Ted Kennedy 2.0 Replacement Race 44 min. 10.3MB
8/25/9 Chicken or Sage Debating Debates 48 min. 11.2MB
8/20/9 Another Boston Miracle Rev. J. Brown 56 min. 13MB
8/18/9 Polling Deval MA Gov. Ratings 38 min. 8.8MB
8/11/9 Bipartisanship Obama/Patrick 42 min. 9.8MB
8/4/9 Gateway Cities Ben Forman 49 min. 11.1MB
7/21/9 Flying Elbows Boston City Council 60 min. 14.1MB
7/14/9 Here to There MA(ss) Transit 64 min. 14.6MB
7/7/9 Palin and Beyond Staggering Elephant 65 min. 15.2MB
6/30/9 Martin Langeveld Delivering News 43 min. 10.1MB
6/23/9 Tom Menino Talking Boston Futures 56 min. 13.1MB
6/16/9 John Walsh MA Democrats 58 min. 13.6MB
6/9/9 Kevin McCrea Boston Mayoral Race 61 min. 14.4MB
6/4/9 Political Activist Sabutai MA Dem Platform 40 min. 9.5MB
6/2/9 Michael Flaherty Boston Mayoral Race 60 min. 14.1MB
5/26/9 Sam Yoon Boston Mayoral Race 53 min. 12.5MB
5/19/9 Gadfly on Beacon Hill Rep. Jen Benson 46 min. 10.7MB
5/5/9 May Showers Preview of Boston and State Politics 30 min. 6.9MB
4/29/9 Ex-Gay Protest Rally Against Conversion Training 22 min. 5.1MB
4/21/9 Flurry and Fury Progressive Actions and Trends 37 min. 8.7MB
4/14/9 Calling Out Wingnuts John Hosty Grinnell 51 min. 11.9MB
4/7/9 Predatory Gambling Les Bernal 47 min. 10.1MB
3/31/9 N.E. SSM Swift Changes 49 min. 11.5MB
3/24/9 Aaron Michlewitz 3rd Suffolk Candidate 32 min. 7.6MB
3/17/9 Ryan Higginson 3rd Suffolk Candidate 32 min. 7.4MB
3/10/9 Susan Passoni 3rd Suffolk Candidate 33 min. 7.8MB
3/3/9 Jaws of Death To Overturn DOMA 41 min. 9.7MB
2/24/9 Bay State Escape Massachusetts: Stimulus and Taxes 55 min. 12.9MB
2/10/9 Lotsa Gas Massachusetts scrambles for money 43 min. 10.0MB
2/3/9 Boston Busybody Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub 59 min. 13.7MB
1/27/9 Pol Blood in Boston House Speaker 59 min. 13.9MB
1/21/9 He Words Us Obama’s Speeches 59 min. 13.7MB
1/13/9 Ethics 1.1 Mass. Legislative Reform 41 min. 9.7MB
1/6/9 Pot Play Mass. decriminalizes grass 37 min. 8.6MB
12/30/8 Daily Rags Newspaper problems and solutions 31 min. 7.2MB
12/17/8 Boston Biking Cycling czar Nicole Freedman 46 min. 10.7MB
12/8/8 President-elect The other President, in waiting 34 min. 7.9MB
12/2/8 Funding Fair Government Judy Meredith/ONE Massachusetts 61 min. 14.4MB
11/18/8 SSM Futures Aftermath of the election and Prop. 8 57 min. 13.4MB
11/11/8 Mass GOP Mess Endangered Species 53 min. 12.5MB
11/5/8 Election Results Blather Prop. 8/Much More 63 min. 14.7MB
10/28/8 Out of Economic Hell Follow-up John Kerry 10 min. 4.6MB
10/21/8 Netroots Nation Head Raven Brooks 56 min. 13MB
10/14/8 Other 2nd Suffolk Candidate SWP’s William Leonard 45 min. 10.6MB
10/7/8 Budget Liposuction Carla Howell, yes-on-1 52 min. 12MB
9/30/8 Taxes on the Chopping Block Michael J. Widmer, no-on-1 64 min. 15.1MB
9/23/8 Dogs, Duties and Drugs Mass. Ballot Questions 74 min. 17.4MB
9/17/8 March of the Progressives Mass. Primary Reports 43 min. 10MB
9/10/8 Giant Killer? Senator Candidate Ed O’Reilly 35 min. 8.1MB
9/9/8 Chimes at Noon Blogger John Galligan 35 min. 8.1MB
9/2/8 Something New, Palin Republicans Pin Hopes on a Trick 52 min. 12.2MB
8/26/8 Ryan Does Denver Ryan at the start of the Dem convention. 51 min. 11.7MB
8/19/8 Stark Rep. Choices Watertown/Cambridge Rep. candidate Jon Hecht. 62 min. 14.5MB
8/12/8 Sen. Dianne Wilkerson We carry on about her in her absence. 54 min. 12.6MB
8/5/8 Rep. Candidate Jim Caralis Progressive State Rep. challenger differentiates himself. 34 min. 7.8MB
8/3/8 Rep. Candidate Pat McCabe Progressive State Rep. hopeful talks plainly. 54 min. 12.4MB
7/29/8 Trans Rights Up Front Gunner Scott on transgender discrimination. 52 min. 12.9MB
7/22/8 Death by Casino Mary Tufts details why casinos are not inevitable. 59 min. 13.4MB
7/16/8 Wheels Round and Round Cara Seiderman and Ken Field from Cambridge talk cycling. 62 min. 14.1MB
7/8/8 Ending Greyhound Racing Christine Dorchak talks plainly about banning dog racing. 47 min. 11.1MB
7/1/8 Digging Netroots Time for Obama to take it to McCain 53 min. 12.5MB
6/29/8 More and Less Than Ritual Mike’s sermon on SSM. 14 min. 5.2MB
6/17/8 Mass(achusetts) Education A huge, swaggering 10-year education-reform program for the Bay State 42 min. 9.9MB
6/17/8 Senators Mix It Up John McCain and Barack Obama get serious and McCain comes out staggering. 64 min. 15.1MB
6/10/8 Massa-choosing Dem convention, competition for John Kerry, and the glories of Lowell. 44 min. 10.4MB
6/3/8 Democratic Sutures Healing primary wounds, the GOP in Mass., wind farms, and casinos 46 min. 10.8MB
5/27/8 California Screaming SSM out West, plus that dreadful California-style ballot initiative. 44 min. 10.3MB
5/20/8 Races Broad and Narrow Obama and the rural vote, plus Massachusetts U.S. and state candidates 25 min. 5.9MB
5/13/8 Show Time for Progressives Looking for a Big Obama Win 51 min. 11.6MB
5/6/8 Why Do We Ignore Torture? Shrinks and a former interrogator offer disturbing views. 28 min. 6.5MB
4/29/8 News and Noise Why newspapers are failing and have failed us, and what’s possible. 57 min. 13MB
4/22/8 Lefties Off the Dime and Hillary Spiral We discuss our netroots plan and call for a single Dem candidate. 47 min. 11.2MB
4/15/8 Out With The Old Senator? Sonia Chang-Diaz talks up her Second Suffolk campaign. 61 min. 14.3MB
4/8/8 Deval, Make It Work Bond issues and other chance to get us moving. 58 min. 13.6MB
4/1/8 SSM New England Style Why do four of six New England states have civil unions or SSM? 56 min. 13.2MB
3/25/8 How Now Round Sal We look at how casinos lost and what’s next. 57 min. 13.4MB
3/11/8 Blob of Bloggers We detail next month’s BlogLeft gathering, plus sundry politics. 44 min. 10.4MB
3/4/8 Questionable Casinos Mike does quick hits on casino proposal using iffy figures and progressives having to guess whose for civil rights. 29 min. 6.7MB
2/26/8 Bumbling Toward Casinos We discuss the unlikeliness of casinos as a revenue panacea and hit on what we want to see from the governor and legislature instead. 64 min. 15MB
2/19/8 Attack of the Blogs We kick around how important different types of blogs are in campaigns and beyond. 59 min. 14MB
2/12/8 Eying Hillary v. Barack Quarreling (and a bit of quibbling) over the attributes of the two Dem candidates. 43 min. 10.2MB
2/5/8 Super Prove Day Mike only with a short check-in on Super Tuesday. 12 min. 2.8MB
1/29/8 Now It Gets Interesting The Presidential candidates choke and fall. Change in November is inevitable, but we ask what kind and under whose direction. 44 min. 10.2MB
1/22/8 Courts: Bystanders or Big Shots? We bring in David Yas, head of Mass. Lawyers Weekly to decipher how the SJC and other courts act, or don’t. 50 min. 11.8MB
1/15/8 Mitt and the Abyss Michigan (and Nevada and South Carolina) primary, heavy on the GOP, plus wind turbines and education. 43 min. 10MB
1/8/8 The The Also-Ran Bucket Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, with from-the-road comments from Humble Elias. 53 min. 12.5
1/2/8 The Prez: Fearless Forecasts We look at the pending Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. 61 min. 14.2
12/18/7 Parents Rights and Wrongs Ryan calls in from the State House casino hearing after we talk about the extreme parents-rights subgroups. 65 min. 15.3
12/11/7 He’ll Be Your Huckabee In which we snort at Mike Huckabee and the other leading GOP candidates. 64 min. 14.9
12/4/7 Term Limits for Boston Pols Boston City Councilor John Tobin joins us. 64 min. 15.1
11/27/7 Gambliing with Our Future Laura Everett of Casino Free Massachusetts joins us. 56 min. 13.2
11/20/7 School for Progressive Politics Ryan learns more about how to elect progressives. We kick around term limits, down to Boston mayor and city councilors. 42 min. 9.8
11/14/7 Sorting Sundries Ryan went to a New Bedford casino forum – and spoke. We hit on die-hard anti-gays, cooperation between governor and house speaker, and Boston public safety among others. 55 min. 13
11/6/7 Big Ideas on Hold We still talking about whether our governor can get the legislature with his program. Plus there’s local elections, protesters at theThe Laramie Project and more. 49 min. 11.4
10/30/7 Things Boston We kicked around the pending City Council election, with the threat to Team Unity Councilors. We spoke of what had to continue and what had to change to make Boston great again. 54 min. 12.6
10/23/7 Free speech and bullies We examine the Cirignano/Loy trial and its implications, with Pie and Coffee and WCCA-TV’s Mike Benedetti. Plus, we hit on trends in casino gambling here. 56 min. 13.2
10/16/7 5th CD results and More ENDA Ryan and Lynne chatted up Niki’s race and more on ENDA. She called in from Tsongas HQ and Mike did a mobile on his mobile, reporting the first day of the Cirignano trial from the train. 64 min. 15,1
10/9/7 ENDA Conundrum a tightening race in the 5th Congressional District and lots of casino theater make for a notable week. 64 min. 15,1
10/2/7 5th CD and Progressive Opportunities a tightening race in the 5th Congressional District and lots of casino theater make for a notable week. 36 min. 8.6
9/25/7 Lock ’em up We hit on prison reform, casinos in lieu of other revenue sources, and the GM strike. 54 min. 12.7
9/18/7 Casino Battles Loom We take a first look at Deval Patrick’s casinos proposal, whose for and against, how likely it would be to help the state, and what shot it has in the legislature. We discuss Patrick’s excellent 9/11 speech. 54 min. 12.7
9/11/7 The Election Season We dissect the 5th CD primary results, ask if we see any increased safety from our post-9/11 ventures, and discuss the much-delayed report on casino gambling here. 36 min. 8.5
9/4/7 After the Cheers MassEquality’s Marc Solomon joins us to talk about the amendment battle and what’s next. We range from local to national. 55 min. 12.9
8/30/7 U.S. Rep Juggernaut? Dick Howe joins to handicap the 5th CD primary. Whose likely to win, who should win, what that victory will mean in issues and next year’s election. 63 min. 14.9
8/21/7 Whose Ox? Ryan and Mike muse on whether the legislators can transcend pork feeding, on the Larry Cirignano case, and on the looming 5th CD primary. 40 min. 9.5
8/14/7 Still Taking Names Know Thy Neighbor’s Tom Lang joins us on marriage equality and the Presidential campaign. 62 min. 14
8/7/7 Toxins in the Statutes Wiretapping and casinos. 40 min. 14.2
7/31/7 You Betcha, Voters We hit on casinos coming (maybe) to Massachusetts following the downstate vote. Plus, the 5th CD updates. 32 min. 7.5
7/24/7 Bad Laws, Stupid Laws Massachusetts is not free from restrictive marriage laws, destructive variants of ballot initiatives, and more. 44 min. 10.3
7/17/7 Just How Progressive? We ended up talking up Al Gore after hitting the 5th CD development and concentrating on what Gov. Patrick can accomplish in his first year. 53 min. 12.3
7/10/7 The Possible and the Ideal What can we reasonably expect in Massachusetts after two decades of infrastructure neglect. Plus, we kick the impeachment can up and down the hall. 53 min. 12.3
7/3/7 And Then What? Just Ryan and Mike. We started on the commonwealth budget with no new corporate taxes to fund it. The Scooter Libby travesty of sentence commutation dominated. Ryan ended up on casinos. 65 min. 14.8
6/26/7 Hunger for Congress Our take on the endorsement of marriage equality by the commonwealth’s legislature. What’s next for all sides and what cleanup must follow. 89 min. 19.7
6/19/7 Love & Liberty in Massachusetts Our take on the endorsement of marriage equality by the commonwealth’s legislature. What’s next for all sides and what cleanup must follow. 65 min. 15.2
6/12/7 Faint Hearts/Stout Hearts Update and musing on this week’s ConCon. A questioning caller from St. Louis. All Three of us endorsed Jamie Eldridge for the 5th CD to replace Marty Meehan. 66 min. 15.6
6/5/7 DINOs and Diehards How Democratic are our legislators, including Senate President T. Murray, plus 5th CD candidates on health care, Pride Week and more 53 min. 12.4
5/29/7 The Great Divide sco joins us (about 30 minutes in) to handicap the 5th CD, after we hit health care, funding and casinos 73 min. 16.7
5/22/7 Health Mass ’05 Sorting throught health-care confusion, updates on the 5th CD rate and a bit of the ConCon. 59 min. 13.9
5/8/7 Battles Back on Beacon Hill The ConCon and consideration of anti-marriage-equality amendment set to start. Bay Windows‘ Susan Ryan-Vollmar guest. 64 min. 15.1
5/1/7 Musical Chairs Continuing Wresting by Gov. and House Speaker. Other races. Abstinence education and even gun control. 67 min. 15.3
4/24/7 Bubbling Cauldron Continuing Wresting by Gov. and House Speaker. Other races. Abstinence education and even gun control. 58 min. 13.1
4/17/7 Big Cheese House Speaker and Governor battle budgets and laws. U.S. Rep. race update. 57 min. 13.0
4/10/7 Here, There, Everywhere State and Congressional special elections. Old-media/new-media forum. 67 min. 15.3
4/3/7 Hot Months of Spring Local and state special elections. 2007 ConCon 27 min. 6.1
3/27/7 Jumping in with Six Feet We introduce ourselves and start our commentary 59 min. 13.9