Yesterday was good for lefties. Mike preferred John Connolly and Ryan liked the winner Marty Walsh in Boston’s mayoralty. We agreed it was great to have a choice between two progressive sorts…with not a winger loony in sight.
We talked about the outcome of that and the City Councilors. With the new administration, they have a […]

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Weeks in the making, I was pleased to have the other shoe today, the second of the two finalists in next month’s final for Boston mayor, John Connolly. See last week’s show for Marty Walsh.
Connolly called in between two events. He gave me full attention, but was only on for 17 minutes. If you’d like […]

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After much scrambling to grab time with Boston mayoral candidate John Connolly, we’re set. If you want to hear him live, join us at 11 AM Eastern Monday, October 21st here.
Note this has been pulled in a half hour from 11:30. Let us pray.
His show will be available on demand for downloading or listening […]

And then there were two…MA Rep. Marty Walsh was on today talking issues both broad and very specific. He will be in the Boston mayoral final Nov. 5th. against City Councilor John Connolly.
Before you listen below, I’d advise opening his campaign site’s platform (Issues) page. You can tunnel down into his eight topic areas. […]

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Last-minute update — John Connolly had to reschedule. His show will now be on Tuesday, October 15th at 2:30 PM Eastern. Catch it live here.
At our usual showtime, we’ll have to deal with the government shutdown and the pathetic GOP attempt to pretend they are not at fault. For something completely different, John Connolly […]

We’re anticipating a fine final for Boston municipal elections. We discussed yesterday’s outcome as well. We can’t wait for actual debates instead of those dreadful forum thingummies, and much deeper and broader media coverage of issues for the final.
We differed on how various mayoral candidates did, among an overwhelming field of 12. We also […]

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John Connolly was on today — both on our show and energized. He explained how he wants to excite voters and bring them to share his three visions of high-quality schools in every neighborhood, safe and healthy living in every one as well, and a return to Boston’s role as a great job creator.
We had […]

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.He says he can fix the Boston schools. The first major candidate in the race, even before Mayor Tom Menino decided not to run again, John Connolly joins us.
He has a full platform, but the big, gutsy plank is promising to put a high-quality school in every single neighborhood. That’s never been done and many […]

We did a double today — speculation on the SCOTUS ruling (not due for three months) on the Prop 8 (Hollingsworth) oral arguments, followed by less unsure conjecture on Boston Mayor Tom Menino.
For those who have to see for themselves, the SCOTUS made the 82 pages of arguments from this morning available as a PDF […]

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You can’t say, “No more Mr. Nice Guy,” about John Connolly. The popular at-large Boston City Councilor will always be pleasant and he promised us he’d run an upbeat campaign for Mayor this year. He has a flexible campaign, accounting for Mayor Tom Menino running for a sixth term or facing other Councilors and outsiders […]

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